5 things that prove Imran Khan’s love-hate relationship with India

Imran Khan, Pakistani cricketer turned politician and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has inched closer to become Pakistan’s next Prime Minister after the votes counted shows PTI in a commanding lead. Khan founded PTI in 1996 and it was only in 2013 that the party emerged as the third-largest party in parliament. His main rival Nawaz Sharif is jailed on corruption charges. His life journey has always been in news from Pakistan cricket team’s victory at the 1992 World Cup to the launch of his ex-wife and former journalist Reham Khan’s new book titled ‘Reham Khan’ that portrays him as a man who led a life of ‘sex, drugs, and alcohol’. The couple got married in January 2015 and got divorced within 10 months. In the book that garnered a lot of controversies, Reham recounts her time with the politician, his ex-husband’s confession of having illegitimate children, his belief in black magic and more. Keeping aside everything, we cannot ignore the fact that the book as well Imran Khan has a strong India connection. We are not sure whether Imran Khan loves or hates India, all we can say is Mr Khan cannot ignore India.

Grew up hating India
In an interview to CNN-IBN in 2011, Imran Khan revealed that he grew up hating India. He was quoted saying, “I grew up hating India because I grew up in Lahore and there were massacres of 1947, so much bloodshed and anger. But as I started touring India, I got such love and friendship there that all this disappeared.”

On Nawaz Sharif’s love for Modi
The whole world is aware of India-Pakistan’s relation over issues like Kashmir and terrorism. Khan has accused India of conspiring with Sharif. “Much as I appreciate Nawaz campaigning for PTI through his now-obvious love fest with Modi, to save his corruption & business interests; I am alarmed that at the rate he is speaking Modi’s language PTI may not be able to take in the massive exodus from PMLN.”

On Uri attack and surgical strike
After the surgical strike in Pakistan’s terror launch pads in September 2016, Imran Khan held a rally in Pakistan’s Raiwind town and said that not all Pakistanis are like Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He was quoted saying, “Do not think all Pakistan is like Nawaz Sharif, our entire country is united”. According to reports, after surgical he said he would, ‘show Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif how to react on such aggressions’.

His affair with 70s Bollywood actress
In the memoir, Reham has made shocking revelations about Imran Khan’s love interests and his affair with 70s Bollywood superstar. The alleged couple met during one of Pakistan’s tour of India in the 70s. It was also said that his teammates also pulled his leg over his somewhat fatigued performance on the field. Hint about the actress?  She is considered one of the sexiest heroines of all time.

Illegitimate Indian children
Another shocking revelation in the book is that the cricketer has at least five illegitimate children, including ‘some’ Indians.
Reham Khan writes:

“He grinned mischievously. “There are 5 in total that I know of.’
‘Five what?!’ I gasped.
‘Kids,’ he laughed.
‘What? You have five illegitimate children! How do you know?’ I asked.
‘Well, the mothers told me,’ he said.
‘All White’s?’
‘No, some are Indians. The eldest is 34 now.’

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