Islamabad: In a recent development Attorney General Salman Butt notified the Supreme Court that FIR can be filed against any army personnel currently under service as per Pakistan Army regulations.

According to Dawn News, Butt raised this point in the hearing of the Malakand missing persons’ case, which concerns the disappearance of 35 people from an internment centre in the region

A three-member bench comprising of Justice Jawwad Khwaja, Justice Gulzar and Justice Khawaja was appointed for further discussion. They said that an FIR can be registered against an official in the Army but it was in doubt whether the case would be heard in an army court or civilian court.

They further added that proper instructions must be followed regarding the handing over of army personnel to military authorities and if the magistrate decides to hand over a detained official to the military authorities then reasons for the same must be provided.

The Apex Court had taken up this matter strongly and was told that a Fir was filed against Naib Subedar Amanullah Baig and others, who were posted at the army’s Internment Centre in Malakand Fort for removing 35 individuals from the detention facility, reports revealed.

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