Houston: Italian polymath Leo­n­ardo da Vinci’s muse for the ico­nic Mona Lisa painting may not have suffered from hypo­th­yr­o­idism as suggested by rec­e­nt studies, scientists say. Michael Yafi, from The Univers­ity of Texas Health Science Center in the US, no­t­ed the painting doesn’t mat­ch the countless other depictions of goiters or enlarge­ments of the thyroid gland. The painting of Lisa Gherardini has captivated millions since its creation in 1500s.

For years, experts have stu­d­ied the discolouration of Gh­erardini’s skin, the thickness of neck, and enigmatic smile to hypo­the­sise about her hea­l­th during the Renaissance. This theo­ry su­g­gests she suffered from hypo­thyroidism or underactive thyroid.

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