MH17 black boxes may reveal crucial clues but not all secrets

Johannesburg: According to experts, the black boxes of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 will although provide vital clues about the incident but one must not expect any breakthrough evidence from the wreckage.

The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), which are actually orange in color, will reveal only the extent of damage and the sound of impact, reported.

John Oddie, former senior air force officer and pilot, said that the most important information that can be retrieved from FDR and CVR is the precise time at which the Boeing 777 aircraft was attacked by the missile. It will not however, provide details about any course deviation that the plane is alleged to have undertaken.

The report also added that experts believe that data relating to the force and direction of the impact can be retrieved from the FDR.

The cockpit voice recorders will form another important source of evidence in the case because it records any noise audible in the cockpit every two hours. It will therefore allow investigators to hear the explosion when the plane was attacked by a missile.

Missile fragments embedded in the wreck is also expected to provide crucial clues.

The Malaysian authorities have passed the MH17 black boxes to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch in England for analysis. The international investigators’ team may however, take months to re-create the crash.

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