McDonald’s advises staff not to eat fast food

London : McDonald’s doesn’t think its employees should eat the food they serve. The fast food giant has advised employees to avoid meals with burgers and fries and to eat healthier options like salad and sandwiches, reports Daily Mail.

McDonald’s advises staff not to eat fast food

The advice was dispensed on McResource Line, the employees-only website. The advice is given with graphics depicting the ‘unhealthy choice’ and the ‘healthier choice.’ McDonald’s own food is in the former column.

Despite featuring a vast array of deep fried delicacies, the company reminds employees that ”avoiding items that are deep fried are your best bet.”

The sensible advice also tells ‘McWorkers’ to ‘limit the extras such as cheese, bacon and mayonnaise’– tasty add-ons that are staples of many menu items they serve on a daily basis.

A hamburger, fries and soda are warned against, because ”eating a diet high in fat puts people at risk for becoming overweight.”

”It is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,” the advice continues. ”Many foods are cooked with a lot of fat, even if they are not trans-fats. Many fast-food restaurants do not offer any lower-fat foods.”

The world’s largest fast food chain wants employees to eat elsewhere.

”Eat at places that offer a variety of salads, soups, and vegetables,” the site says.

“In general, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease must be very careful about choosing fast food because of its high fat, salt, and sugar levels,” the post said, adding that items from fast-food places are “almost always high” in calories, fat, sugar and salt.

A spokesperson told CNBC that the website has been ”taken entirely out of context.”

This advice is available on McDonald’s site at a time when the fast-food giant has been working hard to distance itself from fast food’s reputation as bad for you. It has also been adding more fruits and vegetables and fat-free chocolate milk to the menu.

At its annual shareholder meeting in late May, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson had defended his company’s food, saying, “We don’t sell junk food.”

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