PETA targets Michelle for using real eggs at Easter Egg Roll

Washington : PETA has issued a new video attacking Michelle Obama for using fatty, hard-boiled eggs in this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. In the video titled ‘Michelle Obama, We Need to Talk’, several little girls are “hopping mad about animal abuse in the egg industry” and urge the First Lady to “think about the ramifications of wastefully using thousands of hens’ eggs every year in the White House Easter Egg Roll”, the Washington Times reported, according to ANI. PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk sent a letter to the White House highlighting the plight of the chicken and also pointing out the high cholesterol in the “cruelly sourced, unhealthy eggs” that contradicts her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign. Newkirk added that they hope that she  would implement a “new, humane tradition” by using synthetic eggs.

Argentine teen rescued after 9 years of grim abuse

Buenos Aires : A 15-year-old girl was rescued on Wednesday after spending nine years locked in a garage, being fed only brewer’s yeast, bread and water, and bearing signs of physical violence, Argentine police said. The teen, police said, had only a dog and a monkey for companionship in her prison, weighed just 20 kg. The girl’s guardians were taken into custody by the judge in charge of the case, Maria Gabriela Lanz. The judge accused the guardians of “subjugation to slavery and servitude, illegal privation of freedom and serious injuries,” since the girl was found with signs of having been beaten with a belt, treatment that investigators believe she was subjected to if she tried to ‘eat the leftovers’ of the animals’ food, according to IANS.

Period pain affects work of girls: Research

Los Angeles : A new research suggests period pain not only causes discomfort but it can also affect the work environment of girls especially those working on computers. British researchers have found that the pain can reduce cognitive performance, reports, according to IANS. Not only does it reduce the attention span, but women suffering from period pain perform less well in computer-based tasks, according to scientists at the University of Bath.

Wine bottle with Hitler’s face expected to fetch £2k

London : A rare wine bottle with Adolf Hitler’s face is expected to fetch £2,000 in an online auction. According to the Daily Star, the unique bottle, which was among the batch unopened 1.5-litre bottles given out to Hitler’s staff on his 54th birthday in 1943, was presented to one of the Nazi dictator’s high-ranking officers. McTear’s Auctioneers in Glasgow, Dominic Hughes said that the late dictator had named the bottle as “Fuhrerwein” and insisted his picture to be put on the label, reports ANI.

Your next smartphone may be made from sea deposits

Berlin : Your future smartphone may be made out from deep-sea rocks, according to scientists who say that an untapped source of rare earth elements widely used in cell phones may lie under the sea. German scientists have developed a new method to efficiently extract rare earth metals such as Yttrium, Praseodymium and Dysprosium from deep-sea rocks.

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