A man wearing a face mask walks at the Trocadero Palace in Paris, France
A man wearing a face mask walks at the Trocadero Palace in Paris, France
Photo by Aurelien Morissard/Xinhua

Youngsters including students and working youth in different parts of Europe, United States of America (USA) and Asia are going through a tough home quarantine period with difficulties in managing their studies and jobs abroad. Some youth are facing military personnel on the streets if they venture out while, others have not stepped out since 20 to 30 consecutive days.


Francesca Pederzoli, an architect who resides at Modena, Italy, said, "I have been locked in my house for over 4 weeks now. I have started to feel I am in jail. We cannot go out except just to buy food and we have to show a kind of certificate to the police on the streets. We have to write our mobile phone number, so that they can check where we moved to. The health system in the north of Italy is excellent, but now because of the coronavirus it has started to collapse. Public transport is fully operational till now."

Federico Nazzi, a student who lives in Milan, Italy, said, "We have been locked in our homes since March 8, 2020. I live in Milan which is the center of most cases of coronavirus pandemic. There are hundreds of people dying everyday. The entire country is paralysed."

Emanuela Nobile, a student of Pyschology who lives in Genoa, Italy, said, "Besides local residents, the psychological state of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff is vulnerable. Doctors and nurses are working round the clock and some are slipping into depression and committing suicide."


Oscar Santos, a student who resides in Galicia, Spain, said, "The virus is spreading rapidly in Spain and more people are getting either affected or infected every day. We are inside our homes as the government has closed everything. We can go out to work, to walk with our dog and to buy necessary food. We have police on the streets and in some places the army is trying to control the people who do not respect the rules."

Idoia Ruiz, a photographer and working youth from Spain, said, "I hope India can control the situation and contain the spread of the virus in time. Many people are getting infected in Spain every day because everything was too slow here and we did not take immediate precautionary and safety measures."


Sandra Lobo, a student who studies in Paris, said, "The situation in France is crazy as people are panicking. Many students from India who are studying in Paris are stuck because all flights are cancelled. We do not know what to do as we cannot return home."


Ruben Bun, a student who lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands, said, "Supermarkets are letting in a certain amount of people at one time. We have to use a shopping cart so that we do not get too close to other people. We have to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metre from each other. The police is charging a fine if they see more than two people gathering on the street."


Katrine Christiansen, a midwife who lives in Vamdrup, Denmark, said, "I work as a caretaker or midwife so I am continuig my work to take care of the elderly. But I am scared as it is all so crazy, all schools and institutions are shut down as well as restaurants and all other non-critical shops and workplaces are closed. The elderly are vulnerable so I am taking precaution."


Nilay Louis, an engineer from San Franciso, USA, said, "There are limited food stocks in stores in San Francisco. We are living in a shelter place. Whenever we go out to buy daily supplies, every person is being given limited supplies. We are not allowed to buy in excess as there are no extra stocks available."

While Salome Sequeira, a student of Physiotherapy in New York City (NYC) said, "NYC is completely empty as we cannot go outside. Our universities and colleges are shut as they have shifted courses online."


Siva Ramasamy, a voluntary worker who lives in Kuala Lumpur, said, "Only one member from each family can go out even to buy vegetables. There are army personnel on the streets of Malaysia. We are not allowed to go out all the time."


Yui Terao, a student and traveller from Tokyo, Japan, said, "Schools and colleges in Japan are closed, all major events including Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been cancelled or postponed. Tokyo is the financial capital like Mumbai but we are facing huge economical damage. We have advanced technology but it is holiday season in Japan so there are high risks of the virus spreading to more people."

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