London:Feeling let down by the Mayan apocalypse not happening after all? Just sit back and relax as there are plenty of other doomsday scenarios to cling to in the near future.

Scientists think we have between half a billion years to a billion years left before the Earth is uninhabitable, and a mere 22 billion years before the universe explodes as it cannot expand any further.

However, the good news is that the apocalypse is planned for much, much sooner, the Mirror reported.

Egyptian biochemist Rashad Khalifa has predicted in 1968 that the world would end in 2240, and he came to that conclusion after claiming to have cracked the Quaran Code – a series of hidden messages in the holy book of Islam.

The good news is that the Quaran Code apparently also shows that, regardless of their religion, all believers will be saved.

On the other hand, Sunni Muslim scholar Said Nursi who was a bit more pessimistic, dubbed ‘The Wonder Of The Age’ by his followers translated many of Muhammad’s sayings and found that one implied the world would end in 2129.

According to the Quaran, that will come as a result of a one-eyed beat of the earth, possibly in human form, doing battle with the Messiah while the ancient people of Gog and Magog descend from the heavens to curse the Earth.

The most disturbing prediction is that of American psychic Jeane Dixon, who before her death in 1997 claimed Armageddon would come in 2020.

The most depressing of all is the conviction of Dr. F. Kenton Beshore that the world could end in 2018.

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