Dubai to add ‘pet hotel’ to its attractions

Dubai :  A one-of-its-kind ‘pet hotel’ has been proposed under new market projects announced by authorities in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a media report said on Monday. The Dubai Municipality announced its plans to set up a high-tech pet hotel, which would act as a focal point of a planned animal market due to be built in the city, The National reported.

The pet hotel, in line with international standards, would comprise a clinic for treating sick animals and would also have a luxury kennel. The hotel is one of the innovative facilities that have been planned at the proposed animal market. It would house 80 animal shops for selling pet birds and animals along with their food and accessories.

Hussein Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, said the pet hotel’s primary use would be “taking care of pets when their owners are away from the country”. The animal market, along with three other markets, is part of a wider strategy to add both a new layer of tourist attractions to the city and boost small businesses, the Dubai Municipality said.

The Dubai Municipality will also establish three other new markets: a traditional market, a fish and vegetable market, and a truck market, the report said.   All four markets are in varying stages of completion, with few of them slated to be completed towards the end of this year.

The traditional market will include shops selling Arabic perfume, crafts and showcasing traditional culture.  The truck market will include space for 88 shops selling heavy duty trucks.  The fish and vegetable market will replace the existing market at Hamriyah and will include a large dock for boats to offload their catches, the report stated.

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