Coronavirus vaccine is unlikely before 2021: Expert

The European Medicines Agency's executive director says a coronavirus vaccine won't be available soon and that even when one is ready, production won't be sufficient to offer protection to the entire world's population.

Guido Rasi said Monday in a session with European lawmakers that a vaccine against the deadly virus is one year away at best.

Even then, Rasi said there won't be enough doses for the entire population.

He said a coordinated approach at the European level will be key to identifying those who will benefit the most from the vaccine.

"We will need to have one holistic model to create the first ring of defense in the general population," he said.

UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma on Sunday said it is possible that the United Kingdom may never find a successful COVID-19 vaccine.

" spite of the tireless efforts of our scientist, it is possible that we may never find a successful coronavirus vaccine," Sharma said during the daily press brief in London.

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