Beijing: China today dismissed criticism by the US and the UK over its handling of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, saying no foreign government has the right to interfere in the former British colony’s affairs.

“I want to point out that no foreign government has the right to interfere in Hong Kong affairs in anyway. Hong Kong administration is carrying out investigations,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei replied to a question on the US criticism of violent crackdown by police against protesters.

“It is out and out illegal activity, which will be condoned by no society.

“The Occupy Central movement carried out by some protesters in Hong Kong blocked the main roads and defied police enforcement and seriously disrupted social order,” he said.

Observers said that though China put a brave front, the Chinese government appeared to be in quandary over how to deal with the protests which carried on for over three weeks.

The United States has said it was deeply concerned by reports of Hong Kong police beating a handcuffed protester and called for a swift, transparent and complete investigation.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said it was important for China to ensure that people of Hong Kong enjoyed all freedoms and rights guaranteed in the Anglo-Chinese agreement of 1997 which signed during the hand over of Hong Kong to China.

He said all the rights and freedoms pertaining to speech, press, assembly, association, travel, movement and strike should be protected.

“These freedoms are guaranteed under a joint declaration and we should stand up for it,” Cameron said.

In his remarks refuting Cameron’s criticism in British Parliament, Hong said since Hong Kong returned to China its citizen’s basic rights and freedoms are fully guaranteed in accordance with the basic law.

Hong said that issues regarding Hong Kong’s political reform need to be carried out in accordance with the Hong Kong Basic Law and relevant decisions by the National People’s Congress.

He also defended the blocking out of out of the BBC websites in China saying that Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom in cyber space.

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