London: British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged more devolution for Scotland if it decides to stay part of the United Kingdom in September’s referendum.

During a speech in Glasgow yesterday, Cameron warned that  a “Yes” vote would dash such plans and would instead bring about an “irreversible separation”.

“It is important that people in Scotland know what the result of this vote is, it is either a vote that separates Scotland from the United Kingdom in an irreversible way, or a vote that reaffirms Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom,” he said.

“It’s very important if you want further devolution, the way to get it is a No vote. A Yes vote is an end to devolution.”

The prime minister brushed off criticism of the pro-UK “Better Together” campaign and its leader, Labour lawmaker Alistair Darling.

He said the campaign was “bringing together an incredibly diverse range of polticians and voices who all share the same vision, that we’re better off together as part of the United Kingdom.

“All parties are committed to looking at further devolution,” he insisted.

“I have a track record of showing respect of the nations of the United Kingdom and achieving devolution so that our family of nations can  stay together and find a settlement with which all are comfortable.”

The Scottish National Party, which leads the devolved government in Edinburgh, is campaigning for a “yes” vote while Britain’s Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are in the “no” camp and want Scotland’s 5.3 million people to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Scotland has enjoyed increased autonomy since a 1997 referendum on devolution, and now looks after its own education, health, environment and justice.

But the UK parliament in London still decides defence and foreign policy, and the SNP wants voters to choose full independence in the September 18 poll.

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