Battle for presidency gets in high gear

US President Donald Trump has said that the 2020 presidential election is a choice between a "super" economic recovery led by his administration or a "Biden depression" as he targeted his Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

With just seven days left for the most crucial American presidential election in recent memory, Trump intensified his campaign by having as many as three rallies on Tuesday, with one of them being in rain and freezing cold.

"Seven days from now, we are going to win this state and we are going for more incredible years in the White House," Trump said in identical speeches in three battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

"This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery or a Biden depression. That's what you are going to have with the raise of taxes, the biggest tax increase in our history. It's ridiculous. It's a choice between a Trump boom or a Biden lockdown. Let's lock it all down and by the way speaking of lockdowns, let's get your governor to open it up. Let's get them to open it up," Trump said.

Seeking his second four-year term, Trump is currently trailing in latest polls against Biden. However, Trump looked confident of his electoral victory on November 3, asserting that he is experiencing a wave-like situation across the country.

"We have a campaign that's actually more enthusiastic and I would say that had to be number one in history four years ago but you know what this is going to be the most important election in the history of our country because you see what is happening. The radical left and you are going to defeat Biden and dark money donors and corrupt special interest.

"On Tuesday, you're going to see a red wave like they've never seen before and they saw a very big one. I will tell you what they got a glimpse of four years ago... they said where did these people come from?" said the president.

They are great Americans, they do not want anything but a level-playing field and they came out and voted... This is going to be bigger and they know it. They see what is happening, he said, adding that one of the most important issues in the election is law and order.

In all the three rallies, Trump made fun of Biden at times, saying that he is weak, and does not want to be the president.

"Biden is soft and weak and too scared to be pres(ident) -- he doesn't want to be president, let's face it. You know, you got his bad body language. That's a lot of bad body language from Joe," Trump said amidst applause from his thousands of supporters who chanted 'Four More Years' and 'We Love You'.

"If Biden wins, China wins and China will own the USA. If Biden wins, he will do bad things. By the way, he's not a good guy, just so you understand," he told his supporters.

In Omaha, Nebraska, Trump said: "I'm standing here freezing. I ask you one little favour: get the hell out and vote".

In Lansing, Michigan, light rain fell on a large uncovered crowd. Many of them said they had been waiting for five hours.

Melania speaks for hubby

The American spirit is stronger than the deadly coronavirus and President Donald Trump is a fighter, asserted First Lady Melania on Tuesday while seeking votes for her husband.

"Donald is a fighter. He loves this country and he fights for you every single day," said Melania.

"For the first time in history, the citizens of this country get to hear directly and instantly from their President every single day through social media. I don't always agree to the way he says things, but it is important to him that he speaks directly to the people he serves," she added.

Making a maiden campaign appearance in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, she struck an empathetic chord with the audience saying she has experienced the first-hand effects of COVID-19 like many of them, not only as a patient but as a "worried mother and wife".

"I know there are many people who have lost their loved ones or know people who have been forever impacted by this silent enemy - my family's thoughts and prayers are with all of you through this difficult time," she said.

"We all know the American spirit is stronger than this virus. We have proven that we can and will overcome this unexpected challenge. Thank you to all who have stepped up and helped in this uncertain time. To the frontline workers -- teachers, healthcare professionals, and many more -- my husband and I are grateful to you. You continue to make a difference every single day," she said.

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