Waiting for some ‘happy news’

Last weekend, I was invited for dinner by one of my University classmate, who since I shifted to Goa was looking for an opportunity to catch upon campus memories. Well placed at one of the responsible administrative post in the State, he still managed to be old self when it came to meeting and greeting friends. It wasn’t the case only with me, but had heard from other batch mates too. As we sat down in the balcony catching up on the University days and thereafter, his 16-year-old son was keen to show me his collection of books.

From National Geographic to Smart Photography, he had a wide range of books related to travel and adventure. It was not at all difficult for me to guess that he wanted to be a travel photographer and going by his reads, he had already begun his homework. While we were discussing interest areas of each one of us, the boy asked me a direct question. Uncle, why do you (media) report so much of negative news? Is nothing good happening at all?

For once, a journalist in me didn’t want to defend myself or my fraternity. This 16-year-old, who wants to explore the globe as travel photographer did not deserve to be served with the regular dosage of negative reportage. And why only he, I personally feel no one should be fed early in the morning, right at the start of ones day with negative or disturbing news. There is so much to be happy and joyful about. So much of new innovations in the field of science and technology are taking place every single day. Nature has its own ways of throwing up beautiful surprises, why not look around for some, capture them and telecast early morning. It will just help in bringing upon a smile or at least a cheer on the faces of millions of people who otherwise are so much under pressure from their day to day mundane tasks.

Spare the morning, unless it is real big earth shattering news that has to reach out to the masses as soon as they wake-up. Rest of the day is there for informing and alerting people about the existence of the bad world and their evil deeds. But let the mornings be fresh and soothing not just to the body, but also to mind.

I assured him that in coming years the things are going to change for good and he is going to play a major role in bringing along the happy news early in the morning. As he would travel places during his professional pursuit, I asked him to record his travelogue and keep uploading as ‘HAPPY VIEWS’ and not NEWS. Who knows one day a channel may actually take a clue and start this segment using your travelogue every single morning?

Hearing this, the joy on the boy’s face seemed never ending. I had subconsciously made him the torch bearer of forthcoming ‘happy mornings’. After dinner, as I stepped out of my friend’s house, he asked me when next? I told him, next time not for diner but for an early morning breakfast over some ‘HAPPY NEWS’.

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