With a near clean sweep of the state assembly polls, THE AIADMK leader and his party clearly emerged as the clear leader of the state. The multiple raibow-coloured coalitions which organized themselves hurriedly set up candidates and fielded candidates against here were smashed into smithereens!  V Gangadhar investigates as he talks to the ever-green warrior of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam VAIKO who had fought the two major Dravidian parties under many disguises.

Sorry about the poll results. This time Tamil people were certain that your group will perform well and create ripples. What went wrong?

There must be many reasons. I will think of them and let you know. You see, we have run out of options and it is not easy to think of new options. Perhaps, the voters did not like my black jacket and blue headgear. What did you think of it by the way?

(With a shrug) Hard to say. Elections come and go fast. Hard to keep track. What is the Amma Magic? She wins elections as she likes.

It is easy for her, being a woman and calling herself Amma. Had she been a male, she would have to rename herself APPA and be ready to cook good food in large bulk to the masses….. Imagine thousands of Idlis and dosais. Trucks filled with sambar, tones of chutney ! Ho, doing all this her party would be wiped out in no time

Big hopes!

Keep quiet. I already thought of all that. The ancient epics in Tamil are filled with the same kind of stuff. Grand feasts and the poets with bulging tummies producing more poems. Didn”t they have anything else like the Bold English knights who kissed hems of the skirts of their beloved lady love?

How come your Front was never a ‘front’, it was a ‘Back’ for most of the time. I think you should plan a different strategy without wasting much of time Politics is changing fast time. Who knows at this rate, the BJP will enter TN in a big way; imagine how that could change the picture of the state. 

Don’t worry about that I have planned a strategy for that. Look, what I Need is total change of Identity  This name “Vaiko’ no longer appeals to the Brave Tamilian  masses. It lacks punch It does not bring them back memories of the brave heroes from the past. I belong to that generation

What can we do about that?

Don’t worry, the solution is with me  I am no longer ‘VAIKO’ of The MDMK but will be known as the bold, brave Tamil warrior KOVAI which is only VAIKO written backwards. With this new identity I shall conquer Tamil Nadu and capture Sri Lanka too   first. Let me get me a new suit of armour and a brand new headgear