The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma: Review

Title: The 5 AM Club

Author: Robin Sharma

Publication: Jaico

Price: Rs. 350

Pages: 314

Almost two and half decades ago, as a part of my academic research, I came across lot of reading material on Benjamin Franklin, an American Polymath and one of the founding fathers of the United States. What really caught my attention then was that Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, Freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman and diplomat. I always wondered, how could he manage to play all these roles and that too with perfection? “The early morning has gold in its mouth,” preached Franklin and that answered by curious query about him.

We are aware of the benefits of getting up early. Studies have suggested that when a person gets up early he or she takes lesser tome to do a task that would take more time otherwise. When you rise early one can start the day on a positive note by eliminating morning rush. This positivity stays along for the rest of the day.

Robin Sharma (RS) through The 5 am Club has tried to convey to the readers the same but in his own bestseller style. Previously, the author had ‘interacted’ with me twice. Through The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and Who Will Cry When You Die?, which goes to indicate that I’m not out and out, a Robin Sharma fan. However, whatever I have read, Sharma on all three occasions (including this one) has provided me an impetus for a new thought.

The 5 am Club, written over four year period, has its own uniqueness in examples, narration and direct connect with readers. Being among world’s top leadership and personal optimization advisors, Sharma has beautifully conveyed life-changing benefits of waking up at 5 am through two main characters, an artist and an entrepreneur, both having a low drive of self-confidence. To an extent, they question the very purpose of their existence. Just when both are about to give up, comes The Spellbinder and a surprising stranger who gives totally a new dimension towards life.

Sharma loves to keep it as simple as possible for readers with some graphics insertions to make it an easy to read and easy to grasp kind of material. Every chapter has its own plot with characters rediscovering themselves bringing them closer to their real self. All this happens at the backdrop of 5 am gathering of the characters on an island that actually lends you complete peace and serenity.

Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, if used wisely it had be a life-changing concept but used otherwise could destroy several. Sharma has put across this point in few instances, where he has attempted to tell readers the importance of time and its management. The book is filled with quotes from well-known personalities, which makes a reader ponder upon the life of these greats and link it to the characters of the book.

The 5 am Club certainly has a universal appeal, but does it have universal applicability? Characters in this book are economically self-dependent, one who has her own business and other an artist. What about those who are working in call centres or other any other such late night shift jobs? Even those who has late night erratic work schedule and are solely dependent on their monthly pay cheque, can they be a part of this Club? Where is The 5 am Club for them? Hoping Sharma will answer these in his next.

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