Su-Jok: A simple way to declutter the mind

Su-Jok, a therapy which promises to treat physical ailments can also keep mental problems at bay, Prof. G B Luthria tells us how

Prof G B LuthriaUpdated: Sunday, June 21, 2020, 01:23 PM IST

Now that the lockdown is easing, we can all breathe easy right? Wrong! The easing is happening for economic reasons, but the danger of the COVID-19 contagion hasn’t disappeared.

We now know how pressured confined living can get. Be it living alone and isolated, or with many people in close confines on a 24x7 basis have their own set of challenges. Compound that with being faced with nothing but bad news day after day can unnerve even the strongest amongst us.

The resultant fear is enough to trigger our basic fight or flight instinct, and when we realise that we are unable to do either, the sense of helplessness can cause a person to become emotionally reactive - which shows up in the form of anger or depression. Left unchecked, these emotions can assume dangerous proportions, to the point of becoming a physical threat for not only the person experiencing it but also the people around.

We all do get angry, but then, we simmer down. If a person is feeling angry all the time, they may be actually experiencing a case of depression. In this article, we look at the connection between anger and depression, as well as the other symptoms and diagnosis of depression. I will also discuss the holistic ways of treating both anger and depression.

Here are some tips on how to manage issues with anger and depression:

Use your body’s senses as an early warning system: Similar to managing stress, listen to your body, and pay attention to the physical signs of anger.

Step back, and when possible, walk away: Once you’re able to recognize that you are getting angry or upset, it’s important to take a step back and give yourself a moment to calm down.

Deep breathing and muscle relaxation: Deep breathing can help calm your body down, while also focusing your attention on something other than what was getting you upset.

Ask yourself if it’s worth it: Most of the time when we get angry, it is out of proportion to the situation we’re in. Anger can be useful in a dangerous situation (like when you feel physically threatened), but most of the time getting angry simply doesn’t help.

Give your anger a healthy outlet: If you feel yourself getting worked up, try giving your tension a positive outlet. Any form of indoor or outdoor exercise is the best way around.

Depression is caused by imbalance of energy in various organs like liver, spleen, stomach, heart; phlegm heat troubling the heart, etc., each type produces different symptoms in body. Liver inflammation can cause lot of agitation in mind and bring on suicidal tendencies.

Patient could be treated by studying symptoms related to each problem, but it is difficult to meet patient in present circumstances, so here are a few ways to find an internal balance to sort out anger and depression worked out by the Acusansthan based on Ayurvedic acupressure.

The treatment can be done by stimulation and pasting grams or pea seeds, cluster or five star magnets on point or applying colours, in an efficient and easy manner. There are ten Mega Meridians, five on palm side of the wrist and five on back side of the wrist. Each mega-meridian is energy gate for a particular organ, endocrine gland, allergy, lymph, circulation system, treatment for degeneration of bones etc., numbered 4, 1, 0, 2, 3 on palm side of wrist and 6, 7, 9 8, 5 on back of wrist.

Here are some basic treatments:

1. Colour therapy for depression, stress and phobia: Apply green, red and yellow colour with the help of a sketch pen on the points shown in the image below. You can also use felt pen or a colour marker.

2. Depression and Insomnia: Byol magnet has power to enhance indicated by ↑ or reduce ↓, the energy as shown by the arrow symbols. Mind, brain, soul behaves in a particular manner due to imbalance in energy level of the organ, gland etc. To balance the same for depression or insomnia, one has to paste chakra magnet on left hand Mega Meridians no. 7 ↑ 8 ↓ and on right hand Mega Meridians 8 ↑ 7 ↓.

3. Treating depression with Nail Therapy: Paste Ayurvedic Byol magnets (small size) on the points shown in the pictures below. Yellow side touching skin for points with ↑ and white side touching for points with ↓ indication.

Index finger Left 8, 0 ↑ 7, 9 ↓

Right Hand 8, 0 ↑ 7, 9 ↓

4. Anxiety, nervousness and hysteria treatment: Paste Chakra magnets on the left hand mega-meridians, palm side 1 ↑ and 2 ↓ and back side meridians 8 ↑ and 6, 7 ↓

5. Target the thyroid gland: Overactive (Hyper) thyroid gland due to excess TSH secretion by anterior pituitary causing depression, confusion, weight loss etc. Paste a Byol magnet white side touching or green gram germinating point on the skin on meridian TW 2.

6. Anger due to inflammation of liver: Paste methi seed or a Byol Magnet on Pt Liv 2. Make sure that the white side of the magnet should be on the top as shown in the image below.

If you want to learn about Mega Meridians and Sujok Meridians n details then please visit

(From increasing metabolism to overcoming physical problems, through a series of article, Prof Luthria will speak about the art of self-healing through different healing techniques.)

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