In its log association with the Olympic Games India had lost quite a few medals. But at the Rio Games in 2016 for the first time, its leader and the leader of the Olympic delegation lost his face. What happens now, wonders V Gangadhar

As the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games draw to a close Indie lost one medal after another  and finally lost a most important ‘Olympic face’ that of Sports Minister, Vijay Goel. As the Sports Minister Vijay Goel who is also head of the Indian contingent accompanied by the other delegates began to search vigorously for a missing item there was gloom in the team room. Rumours flew round fast and furious that an elusive gold medal was lost somewhere. This was greeted with a of scepticism because no one in the delegation could remembered how a Rs 1000 currency note looked like. Even the Minister looked flustered.

“Why should I know how a Rs 1000 note looked like?” he wailed. “Ever since I began my association with the Olympic teams, I have seen and handled only currency notes from Rs 10 to Rs 500. Honest, the sports organizations never went beyond that. What do you think we were, the BCCI? We may inquire with the BCCI, the deal with high value currency notes and gold biscuits.”

Our senior most famous hockey journalist remembered that our veteran hockey star, Balbir Singh (Sr) won three hockey golds, remembered a hockey newsman. “He spoke of starting a hockey stadium in Ludhiana or Julunder but Akali politics interfered and they are still undecided. This led to a ‘Venue Scam, and the case is now before the High Court’ whose decision will be announced after the Court reopens. But a Supreme Court appeal is certain.”

Vijay Goel snorted, “Olympics unlike Indian elections do not change their dates. The next ones are likely in 2019 and who knows if we shall be in power. Now everything is going smoothly and everyone has forgotten basic facts about Indian hockey.”

Vijay Goel had a ray of hope, he asked the veteran journalist, “Who was the veteran journalist, some Balbir or Dharam Singh, you mentioned. We can ask him to bring forward his memory by two Olympics or 8 years that should enough for us.”

“We shall try it,” replied the journalist. “Cricketers have better memories about their careers. They enjoy benefit matches. Get written about in the media, interviewed on TV and so on, not like poor hockey stars. Don’t you know Olympic hockey appears on TV once in four years that too when everybody is fast asleep?”