Agony Aunt: I feel my boss is partial towards me, treats me too nicely

Partiality and plight

I am working at a company for awhile and I feel like my boss is partial towards me and treats me too nicely. He always gives me the easiest tasks to do and often asks for my opinion for important decisions. This has caused my colleagues at work to treat me very coldly and spread rumours about my relationship with my boss. I barely have anybody to talk to now at work aside from my boss. I feel helpless. Should I confront my colleagues about this?

Confrontation usually has a negative connotation attached to it. Since you have experienced the partial behaviour of your boss, talking to him about this is also important. Conveying that such dual behaviour is doing more harm than benefit and you are unable to thrive in an uncongenial environment is important. You can also approach your colleagues in the mean time and give them an actual picture of what you are experiencing as opposed to how they perceive it to be. Thus, helping you clear any lingering misunderstanding between all of you.

Woes of a workaholic

I have been working at this company for the last eleven years and have only been promoted once. My shifts are a lot more frequent than my colleagues and I have consistently been told by customers and colleagues that I have an excellent attitude and I am considered one of the most valuable employees in my branch. Even my boss seldom praises my work ethic and diligence. Still, I have not received a promotion despite many of my colleagues in the same position as me have. I feel very confused and under-appreciated by the higher-ups. What should I do?

Promotions at workplace are an excellent motivator for an employee as it reflects appreciation in a tangible form. And it can be quite frustrating if there is under-appreciation of your efforts despite there being good feedback. 11 years is quite a substantial time spent with consistent performance. Given your experience and caliber, looking at other options that might be able to appreciate your work ethic and diligence can also help you reach the career heights you wish for.

Anti-religion atmosphere

I am a Muslim employee working in a primarily white-dominated company. Since I joined, my employees have been making sarcastic comments mocking my hijab and making very offensive jokes about Islam. But every time I try to defend myself, they say they are just joking and that I am too serious. It has got to the point where the minute I enter the office, I am mocked and humiliated. I want to approach my boss about it, but there are many rumours that he doesn’t support Islamism and is very dismissive of religions as a whole. I am afraid that my co-workers may take things too far and I feel awful during my work hours. What can I do?

It is unfortunate that you are subjected to such behaviour from your colleagues. Most organizations have Human Resource working against any kind of discrimination in the company. You can first seek their assistance in creating awareness amongst your colleagues about being sensitive in their remarks even though they categorize them as jokes. Additionally, you can approach your boss as you could be speculating on the basis of rumours. This process requires assertiveness and a joint effort of higher authorities at work to enable few significant changes in the set up so that no one feels discriminated.

Cunning co-worker

I am working on this big project with a fellow co-worker, but she is extremely independent and takes on all the big responsibilities upon herself. I am always allocated the smaller tasks with barely any work, while she completes all the big and more rewarding tasks. I have tried dividing the tasks equally between us, but she just ends up doing my work before I can even get to it. My boss has noticed and shouted at me for slacking off and giving my co-worker all the difficult tasks. I feel helpless and completely useless to the company. How should I approach this situation?

Often in such situations where one individual tries dominating, intervention by someone who has bigger role and a decisive hold can be helpful. Since your boss is aware of the way things are taking place, approaching him/her to suggest a better way to operate could be of use. You can also try approaching this colleague by having discussions in front of your boss so that there is transparency and no misunderstanding towards the end of it. additionally, there are assertiveness training programs available which are conducted by professionals, you can enroll for such programs to inculcate assertiveness. MINDTEMPLE

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