Can’t concentrate
I can no longer concentrate on my work and cannot study for long hours. I have been completely distracted from my routine by unimportant things like shows and socialising. I am neglecting my career and myself which is affecting my lifestyle. I am fed up of my procrastination but I cannot get myself to change. I have a number of assignments and projects to complete because of my laid back attitude which is stressing me a lot now. What can be done to get back? What suggestions can be implemented for a long term goal?

You are aware of your laid- back attitude which could probably be leading to the delay, distraction and stress. Setting daily goals could be of help. Rewarding yourself on the completion of the same slowly shapes your ‘getting things done’ behaviour for the long run. Cutting the distractions out of your life, at least till the time you complete all your assignments could help reduce the stress you are facing. Following the system of ‘screen time’ where you allocate a particular time frame to yourself to watch your shows helps reduce procrastination.

Inferiority and issues
I feel very inferior at my workplace. My seniors give me all the unimportant and insignificant tasks. None of the work I do is keeping me interested. I had this problem at my last workplace too. They think I am easy to stomp all over so they do as it pleases them. I am not able to find the space to grow as I am not given any stimulating projects. My colleagues say this is because I do not have enough education qualifications. I am still capable of doing the job, they just don’t give me a chance. What do I do?

It is important to assess our own limitations and personality traits that could be contributing to be treated as someone who can be walked all over. An objective evaluation of self is often beneficial in such matters. In your case, you could begin by holding a formal meeting with your seniors and discussing your future as an employee in this particular company and how you are feeling under-appreciated and under-utilised of your merit. If after this effort, you feel there is no change, you can look for an alternative which fulfils your job requirements as per your merit.

‘Touchy’ co-worker
My colleague is openly bisexual. One day when all of us had gone out for lunch, she said in front of everyone that she found me cute. I got a bit uncomfortable around her since then. She gives me weird vibes at all times because she makes it very obvious that she wants to have a conversation and tries to get over friendly. Recently, her behaviour has been very touchy. For every small thing she touches my arm or shoulder or tries to hug me which annoys me a lot. How do I tell her to back off without making things awkward?

An open and honest communication with your colleague will help establish certain boundaries between the two of you. Express your concerns with respect to her behaviour so that she is aware how much you are impacted by her actions. Her behaviour as you said is indicative of striking a conversation with you, thus can be used to start the process of creating a healthy distance which does not impact your professional relationship.

New-comers, not welcome
I have been working in the same company since the past 12 years. Due to this, I hold a position of seniority. It annoys me a lot when new employees come in and try to change the way things are. I get irritated at that and I think I come off as a very grumpy person to everyone. I do not want to have this image and at the same time I just don’t want any interference in the way of how normally things work. What can be done?

Your emotional reactions to the change that new employees are bringing in could be detrimental to your image. Since you know the ins and outs of the company for the last 12 years, the knowledge can be used for establishing a rapport as well as norms of how things usually work in the company provided those norms actually benefit the company. An ice breaking session would help with the rapport as well as holding periodic meetings for discussion of new ideas to the existing ways in which the company runs could prove beneficial. MINDTEMPLE