Agony Aunt: Exploring career options, but I am inducted in family business

Beyond family business 

My father is a successful businessman and has been an icon in the family for the last 36 years. I have recently completed my masters in business management and am expected to follow his footsteps. However, while studying I realised that business is something others expect me to take up as it is only ‘natural’ for me to do so and I don’t feel the same. I do not want to feel like I did not try anything else or that I could have been/done something else in the future. I am exploring career options currently, but can’t seem to do so while I am inducted in the family business. What can I do?

Ans: The happiness experienced at work translates itself in personal life as well thus, the dissatisfaction you experience at work also has a correlation with your personal life. Creating this understanding amongst your family members could be a step leading to you conveying to them your views on career shift. Taking some time off from your family business and investing in formulating alternative career plans can be an option as well. This way you will be satisfied of trying out various options and won’t have any regrets in the future.

This vs that

I have been managing the Indian branch of this online shopping site for the last three years. The job is exciting and ever challenging and I really enjoy it. Last week I got a call from a rival company offering me a job that is willing to pay more than my existing job and has also added few perks. I am in a fix as to which one is a better option to choose here. How do I make a decision?

Ans: The description of both the jobs seems to be very lucrative and satisfying on paper. However, in order to make some concrete decision, it is essential to lay down your current needs and wants on priority basis and then evaluate the pros and cons of each of the posts. I understand that you will not be able to project your future as of yet, however, considering the choice you have between the two jobs, you may want to assess the advantages of picking either and enjoying the same even after a few years.

Not made for teamwork

I am working in a well known accounting firm, with a decent pay and allowances. I usually am involved in individual projects and very rarely get into a team project. This time however, I was put into three back to back team projects and I think it has taken a toll on my social relations with the members. I now don’t know where I stand with them as I find it straining even to hold a conversation. How do I convince my boss that working in a team is not my forte?

Ans: Everybody has their own set of strengths and weaknesses which assists in getting our work done. You are comfortable working in an individual set up while the current work load has been that of group work so the burnout is very much predictable. You wish to slip back into your comfort zone and there is no harm done if you insist working on few independent projects for time being. For this to happen, striking an honest conversation with your boss and explaining your situation is essential. Along with this, you may also want to take into notice your positive experience with group projects so that you don’t completely eliminate the possibility of working in a team ever again.

Agony Aunt: Exploring career options, but I am inducted in family business

The jittery employee 

A few days ago, the HR department in my office sent me an email stating that there has been a complaint made against me for my supposed ‘ill mannered’ behaviour by a fellow colleague. I am quite taken aback by this as I have never over-stepped my lines with any of my colleagues. I am yet to respond to them from my end, but not sure how do I go about it as I get very panicky each time I sit down to write a response. How do I help myself?

Ans: If you are very sure that you haven’t done anything wrong or engaged in any ill-mannered behaviour intentionally, then you have nothing to worry or panic about. Things do seem daunting when they get officially recorded and you are expected to respond accordingly. Since you are experiencing panic, it is probably better to seek assistance in formulating a response from the HR department as this body is non-biased and would help in giving an apt response for your situation. You could also request for a meeting with the colleague who has lodged the complaint so that any kind of misunderstanding that has led to this situation can be heard as well as discussed and eventually resolved.

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