World Poetry Day: 10 viral poems on social stigmas you ought to know

On the occasion of World Poetry Day (March 21), we list down poems curated on open mics that went viral in no time. Touching upon topics such as misogyny, trafficking and menstruation to name a few, here’s a quick rundown that spread like wildfire thanks to social media.

Poems have been an archaic concept in India. From spiritual Keertans to Shayaris, Indian poets have made it large on the literary front especially in Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit. Jnanpith Awards, Sahitya Akademi Awards, and The Poetry Society (India) are some of the recognised associations that acknowledge this art from, and have been maintaining its appreciation in the modern times.

Here’s a curation of the most viral poems

10-year-old’s poem on Dyslexia

A child suffering from dyslexia won hearts by writing a poem which was shared by a teacher in England on Twitter. In the most mind blowing way, the words have been put in a way that the poem can be read both ways. The start that reads with words that sound demotivating, however when read from the bottom seem to be inspiring.

Brother of martyred pilot questions government

Recently, an upgraded version of the IAF Mirage 2000 TI aircraft claimed the lives of Squadron Leaders Siddharth Negi (31) and Samir Abrol (33). Struck with grief, Samir’s brother Sushant Abrol wrote a poem, in which he blames the government of indulging in corruption and not caring about the lives of the pilots.

Poem on It’s OKAY to cry

Mental health has been a floating discussion recently. One such poem that highlights the importance of crying and how it helps, is a thorough boost needed for our tough selves. In this poem, Rakesh Tiwari talks about not holding on to things for long and letting go.

Calling out cricketer Hardik Pandya’s misogyny in a poetic form- Dear Mister Player

Karan Johar’s popular chat show Koffee With Karan ran into controversy with its episode featuring Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. Pandya who constantly made sexist and misogynistic remarks on the couch was highly criticised and the duo was even suspended for a brief period. Taking cues from the statements, Priya Malik recited a powerful poem calling out the cricketer for the same.

Mere Kavi Dost

One of the most beautiful and melodious takes on poetry is this one featuring Ramneek Singh and Hasan Baldiwala along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui (who was then promoting his film Manto). The recital shed light on the current socio-political situation with powerful words.

Shattering taboos around menstruation

Akshay Kumar who has been a crusader of menstruation and the taboos surrounding it in India, took to poetry as well. The actors who has done campaigns and a movie ‘Padman’ collaborated by Aranya Johar and recited some of the best stanzas.

The Right to Pleasure

Priya Malik’s another poem called ‘Right to Pleasure’ speaks on the basic right of a woman to explore her own body without being ashamed. This was the time when masturbation scenes of women in Bollywood were grabbing eyeballs for all the wrong reasons.

Guide to Beauty

Aranya Johar recited another powerful poem that underlines the stereotypical aspects of beauty. From being fair to being thin, the poetess speaks up on the idea of enduring self-love.

This poem on Sex Slavery can make you cringe

Kunal Kapoor’s slam poem on sex slavery or human trafficking hits all the right notes by being the voice of women who are unheard in the society we live in.

Guide To Gender

Aranya Johar’s first poem that went viral in no time was on how women are silenced and face sexism in terms of clothing, body shaming and the discussion of periods.

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