London: A woman in the UK got lucky after she successfully recovered her diamond wedding ring, worth 18,000 pounds, two days after her bling-loving pet dog swallowed the precious piece of jewellery.

Angie Collins’s pet dog Jack chewed her wedding ring and swallowed the diamond. It took Collins, from Exmouth in Devon, two days of waiting and sieving Jack’s poop before the diamond appeared.

Collins, 51, who looks after police puppies while they are being trained, had left her ring on a side table while she manicured her nails last month, ‘BBC News’ reported.

“I went to the kitchen, came back and it was gone,” she said.

The ring was a mangled mess on the floor, but the diamond was nowhere to be found, despite a frantic search by Collins and husband Graham.

“My husband and I emptied the entire room bit by bit which took hours. I could only conclude that Jack had eaten it. The vet said because a dog’s stomach is so intricate it was unlikely I would get it back,” she said.

After sieving Jack’s poop for two days, she finally found the diamond.

Collins is now going to get the ring reset and insured.

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