Pakistani media claims Imran Khan's third wife, Bushra Bibi is believed to have supernatural powers

Islamabad: Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s third wife and current First Lady of Pakistan, Bushra Bibi’s image does not appear in the mirror, if Pakistani media is to be believed. This ridiculous statement came from none other than the house staff employed at the Prime Minister’s home.

Bushra Bibi is a faith healer and the first veil-wearing spouse of a Pakistan Prime Minister. She had married Imran Khan just six months before he became the Prime Minister. It is reported that Imran Khan was told that he would become PM if he married a family member of Bushra Bibi. But, it is said that soon after, Bushra had a dream that told her that Imran must marry a married woman and that too a mother of five children. Thus Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi’s marriage came to be.

There were also rumours doing the rounds that Imran Khan was responsible for the divorce of Bushra and her husband – a customs officer by the name of Khawar Fareed Maneka. The rumours were debunked when Maneka himself clarified that Imran Khan had nothing to do with it and he had divorced his wife from his own free will.

Bushra Bibi is always seen veering a veil and is very secretive, unlike Imran’s previous wives. She is rumoured to have mysterious healing powers, and is also said to have two djinns (intelligent spirits) at her command at all times. Bibi reportedly cooks meat for these spirits and uses them to make things happen.

Imran Khan, before heading for the 74th UNGA session in New York, went for Umrah (Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca) with his wife seen covered in the customary veil. The Pakistani PM has married twice before: his first wife was British socialite Jemima Goldsmith and former BBC presenter Reham Khan was his second wife.

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