Here are 7 environment-friendly New Year resolutions for 2019

FPJ Web Desk | Updated on: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 03:52 AM IST


The year 2018 will end in a few days, and people have already started to make their New Year resolutions for 2019. The current year saw many natural calamities around the globe like California fire, Kerala floods, earthquakes and many more. Due to this, many lives were lost and properties were damaged heavily. According to experts, the main reason behind this is climate change. And it should be stopped as soon as possible. So to make it happen we need to do something. So in 2019, you can take up some of these environment-friendly New Year resolutions.

Here are 7 things you can resolve to do this year to help make a big difference in the world, and save you some money, too.

Bring your own shopping bags


Shopping with reusable bags everywhere is a simple way to reduce marine pollution and prevent unnecessary sea mammal deaths. It also helps you reduce consumption, prevent deforestation, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Eat organic as much as possible


Organic costs a bit more up front, but this is money well spent because your food will be more nutritious and you won’t have to worry about the health effects of eating GMOs, toxic pesticides, or sewage sludge. Plus, you can be sure that your food was grown in a way that helped protect and enhance the ecosystem it was grown in. And, if your food is also locally grown, then you can be sure that it is supporting your local economy too.

Walk, bike, or take public transportation


Nothing would protect the environment and decrease our dependence on oil more than taking steps to reduce your transportation footprint.

 Less use of air conditioner

 Air conditioners contain harmful gases which are affecting our environment. It has been said that 27% of all global warming will be due to the gases emitted from air conditioning by the year 2050. This shocking statistic is largely due to the expected increase of use of air conditioning as temperatures continue to rise, thus creating a cycle of damage.

 Plant more trees

 Yes, this is the best thing a person can do. Planting more trees is very beneficial for our environment. And, it also reduces pollution in the air and cleans our environment. So take this resolution for a good cause to save the environment.

Say no to crackers

Not only in Diwali, but we use crackers whenever there are some special occasions, like wedding, engagement or function. Thousands of rupees are wasted on crackers just for fun, and it causes sound as well as air pollution. In Diwali, the pollution level increase so much that it goes above hazardous level. So do a favour, stop using crackers.

Stop wasting water

The drought condition in India is very severe, many states, during the time of summer, face mammoth scarcity of water. There is no water to drink and for fields to grow crops. And this leads to huge problems for farmers. Some of them commit suicide because of loans. So don’t leave your tape open, avoid using showers, make sure that less water is used during household work.

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Published on: Tuesday, December 25, 2018, 02:05 PM IST