Eka Vimshati Namavali of Ganpati: 21 names of Lord Ganesha with meaning and mantras
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Lord Ganesha is the lord of wisdom, prosperity, security, happiness, success, education, good fortune, and destroyer of obstacles. Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he is superior to all Hindu gods and is always worshipped first. He is the patron of letters and learnings. He is known by twenty one names and each name has a significance. Eka Vimshati Namavali of Ganpati means 21 names of Lord Ganesha. Each name has a meaning and a dedicated mantra.

Here we bring to you, 21 names of Lord Ganesha with meaning and associated mantras.

1. Name: Sumukha

Meaning: Sumukha refers to the one with a beautiful face.

Mantra: Om Sumukhaya Namah

2. Name: Ganadhisha

Meaning: Ganadhisha refers to lord of guards of Lord Shiva.

Mantra: Om Ganadhishaya Namah

3. Name: Umaputra

Meaning: Umaputra refers to the son of Goddess Uma.

Mantra: Om Uma Putraya Namah

4. Name: Gajamukha

Meaning: Gajamukha refers to the one with an elephant face.

Mantra: Om Gajamukhaya Namah

5. Name: Lambodara

Meaning: Lambodara refers to the one with a huge belly or appetite.

Mantra: Om Lambodaraya Namah

6. Name: Harasuna

Mantra: Om Hara Sunave Namah

7. Name: Shurpakarna

Meaning: Shurpakarna refers to the one with huge ears.

Mantra: Om Shurpakarnaya Namah

8. Name: Vakratunda

Meaning: Vakratunda refers to the one with a curved mouth.

Mantra: Om Vakratundaya Namah

9. Name: Guhagraja

Meaning: Guhagraja refers to the one with a heavy voice.

Mantra: Om Guhagrajaya Namah

10. Name: Ekadanta

Meaning: Ekadanta refers to the one with a single teeth.

Mantra: Om Ekadantaya Namah

11. Name: Heramba

Meaning: Heramba refers to the one loved by mother.

Mantra: Om Herambaraya Namah

12. Name: Chaturhotra

Meaning: Chaturhotra refers to the one with four hands.

Mantra: Om Chaturhotrai Namah

13. Name: Sarveshwara

Meaning: Sarveshwara refers to the lord of the entire universe.

Mantra: Om Sarveshvaraya Namah

14. Name: Vikata

Meaning: Vikata refers to the powerful one.

Mantra: Om Vikataya Namah

15. Name: Hematunda

Meaning: Hematunda refers to the one staying in the Himalayas.

Mantra: Om Hematundaya Namah

16. Name: Vinayaka

Meaning: Vinayaka refers to the one with an ability to lead well.

Mantra: Om Vinayakaya Namah

17. Name: Kapila

Meaning: Kapila refers to the one who is golden in colour.

Mantra: Om Kapilaya Namah

18. Name: Vatave

Mantra: Om Vatave Namah

19. Name: Bhalachandra

Meaning: Bhalachandra refers to the one who is moon crested.

Mantra: Om Bhala Chandraya Namah

20. Name: Suragraja

Meaning: Suragraja refers to the lord of entire heaven.

Mantra: Om Suragrajaya Namah

21. Name: Siddhi Vinayaka

Meaning: Siddhi Vinayaka refers to the bestower of success.

Mantra: Om Siddhi Vinayakaya Namah

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