Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Narasimha is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu that appears in the form of half lion and half man to kill the demon to destroy evil by kill demon Hiranyakashipu. The word ‘Narasimha’ comprises of two words – ‘nara’ meaning ‘man’ and ‘sinha’ meaning ‘lion’. His birth is celebrated as Narasimha Jayanti that falls on Vaishakha Shukla Chaturdashi. In 2019, Narasimha Jayanti will be celebrated on May 19. On Narasimha Jayanti, devotees take sankalp during Madhyahna (afternoon) and perform puja in the evening before the sunset, as it is believed that Narasimha appeared during sunset. Devotees observing fast on the day are advised to break it next day after performing Visarjan puja and giving a donation to the brahmins. Those observing the fast consume only a single meal a day before Narasimha Jayanti.

Here’s Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Narasimha to chant on Narasimha Chaturdashi:

  1. Om Narasimhaya Namah।
  2. Om Mahasimhaya Namah।
  3. Om Divyasimhaya Namah।
  4. Om Mahabalaya Namah।
  5. Om Ugrasimhaya Namah।
  6. Om Mahadevaya Namah।
  7. Om Stambhajaya Namah।
  8. Om Ugralochanaya Namah।
  9. Om Raudraya Namah।
  10. Om Sarvadbhutaya Namah।
  11. Om Shrimate Namah।
  12. Om Yoganandaya Namah।
  13. Om Trivikramaya Namah।
  14. Om Haraye Namah।
  15. Om Kolahalaya Namah।
  16. Om Chakrine Namah।
  17. Om Vijayaya Namah।
  18. Om Jayavardhanaya Namah।
  19. Om Panchananaya Namah।
  20. Om Parabrahmane Namah।
  21. Om Aghoraya Namah।
  22. Om Ghoravikramaya Namah।
  23. Om Jvalanmukhaya Namah।
  24. Om Jvalamaline Namah।
  25. Om Mahajvalaya Namah।
  26. Om Mahaprabhave Namah।
  27. Om Nitilakshaya Namah।
  28. Om Sahasrakshaya Namah।
  29. Om Durnirikshyaya Namah।
  30. Om Pratapanaya Namah।
  31. Om Mahadanshtrayudhaya Namah।
  32. Om Pragyaya Namah।
  33. Om Chandakopine Namah।
  34. Om Sadashivaya Namah।
  35. Om Hiranyakashipudhvansine Namah।
  36. Om Daityadanavabhanjanaya Namah।
  37. Om Gunabhadraya Namah।
  38. Om Mahabhadraya Namah।
  39. Om Balabhadraya Namah।
  40. Om Subhadrakaya Namah।
  41. Om Karalaya Namah।
  42. Om Vikaralaya Namah।
  43. Om Vikartre Namah।
  44. Om Sarvakartrikaya Namah।
  45. Om Shinshumaraya Namah।
  46. Om Trilokatmane Namah।
  47. Om Ishaya Namah।
  48. Om Sarveshvaraya Namah।
  49. Om Vibhave Namah।
  50. Om Bhairavadambaraya Namah।
  51. Om Divyaya Namah।
  52. Om Achyutaya Namah।
  53. Om Kavimadhavaya Namah।
  54. Om Adhokshajaya Namah।
  55. Om Aksharaya Namah।
  56. Om Sharvaya Namah।
  57. Om Vanamaline Namah।
  58. Om Varapradaya Namah।
  59. Om Vishvambharaya Namah।
  60. Om Adbhutaya Namah।
  61. Om Bhavyaya Namah।
  62. Om Shrivishnave Namah।
  63. Om Purushottamaya Namah।
  64. Om Anaghastraya Namah।
  65. Om Nakhastraya Namah।
  66. Om Suryajyotishe Namah।
  67. Om Sureshvaraya Namah।
  68. Om Sahasrabahave Namah।
  69. Om Sarvagyaya Namah।
  70. Om Sarvasiddhipradayakaya Namah।
  71. Om Vajradanshtraya Namah।
  72. Om Vajranakhaya Namah।
  73. Om Mahanandaya Namah।
  74. Om Parantapaya Namah।
  75. Om Sarvayantraikarupaya Namah।
  76. Om Sarvayantravidaranaya Namah।
  77. Om Sarvatantratmakaya Namah।
  78. Om Avyaktaya Namah।
  79. Om Suvyaktaya Namah।
  80. Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah।
  81. Om Vaishakhashuklabhutotthaya Namah।
  82. Om Sharanagatavatsalaya Namah।
  83. Om Udarakirtaye Namah।
  84. Om Punyatmane Namah।
  85. Om Mahatmane Namah।
  86. Om Chandavikramaya Namah।
  87. Om Vedatrayaprapujyaya Namah।
  88. Om Bhagavate Namah।
  89. Om Parameshvaraya Namah।
  90. Om Shrivatsangkaya Namah।
  91. Om Shrinivasaya Namah।
  92. Om Jagadvyapine Namah।
  93. Om Jaganmayaya Namah।
  94. Om Jagatpalaya Namah।
  95. Om Jagannathaya Namah।
  96. Om Mahakayaya Namah।
  97. Om Dvirupabhrite Namah।
  98. Om Paramatmane Namah।
  99. Om Paramjyotishe Namah।
  100. Om Nirgunaya Namah।
  101. Om Nrikesarine Namah।
  102. Om Paratattvaya Namah।
  103. Om Paramdhamne Namah।
  104. Om Sachchidanandavigrahaya Namah।
  105. Om Lakshminrisimhaya Namah।
  106. Om Sarvatmane Namah।
  107. Om Dhiraya Namah।
  108. Om Prahladapalakaya Namah।

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