'Why didn't anyone think of this earlier? Oh wait...': Twitter in uproar as woman MP demands celebration of International Men's Day

Each year, International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March around the world to champion women's rights. While the earliest observance of Women's Day' came from New York in February 1909, others attribute the present date to the demonstrations in Russia during the 1800s and later. The March 8 date has also been linked to the women’s movements during the Russian Revolution in 1917.

"It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political," reads an excerpt from the United Nations website.

Since morning, a massive number of political leaders in India have taken to social media platforms to wish women and mark the occasion. And so, as BJP MP Sonal Mansingh decided to use this occasion to demand before the Rajya Sabha that International Men's Day be celebrated, there were many an eyebrow raised.

Needless to say that the fact that she chose March 8 to call for Men's Day has many online irked. "Do you also go to funerals and announce you also know people who have died?" wondered one sarcastic post.

Now, to be fair not everyone is against the idea. But for many, the primary reaction is appears to be confusion. And while some reminded Mansingh that International Men's Day already exists, others wonder why this was a topic of discussion in the present. "Out of all the issues our country is facing right now she gave importance to THIS?" read one bemused tweet.

"But then what is celebrated on 19 November?" another wanted to know.

"Why do we need any of these days? We are all equal. Unnecessarily, money wasted on symbolism by govts," contended a third.

As the Twitter debate grew, some gleefully reminded that not only did International Men's Day exist, it was also "celebrated on the same day as International Toilet Day".

"Ma'am, international men's day does exist. It's on the 19th of November. Fun fact, it falls on the same day as World Toilet day," explained one user aided by a somewhat aggressive GIF.

But even as some wondered why a day to celebrate the achievements of men was necessary, others hailed Mansingh for her thoughtful words.

"Completely Agree with Sonal Mansingh, mens day should also be celeberated with same energy like womens day is celeberated (sic)," read one tweet.

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