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The internet is no stranger to ridiculous debates and people who are annoyed for no apparent reason. A Reddit post recently raised eyebrows as the man in question narrated how he had told an Indian girl that she was cheating at scrabble after realising that he was not winning. Since then, the comment section has outdone itself while castigating him.

The user begins by explaining that his girlfriend has an Indian friend called Priya who had come to his English speaking country a year ago to study. "I'm doing English literature and she's in science (also relevant)," he tells the Reddit community. He adds that we was "really excited" at the idea of playing scrabble because "I knew I'd decimate them both easily".

"We play, and as the game progresses, it wasn't me who was leading but Priya. She was making these huge words like "maladies" and "ostensibly". I was pretty sure she was cheating. She got up mid game to go to the bathroom and spent about 3 minutes there. I'm pretty sure she was googling words in there. So when she came out, I jokingly told her I knew she was cheating and she asked me what I was talking about," he says.

"I told her I know that she's cheating, and that it's impossible for someone who's literally lived only in India all the time to be so good at Scrabble and to have such an extensive English vocabulary. She didn't say anything to defend herself but just laughed and told me she wasn't cheating and we eventually finished the game and went home," he writes.

But while he remained convinced that "there's no way" Priya could have beaten him without cheating, his irate girlfriend had accused him or racism, which in turn prompted the user to seek validation on Reddit.

What the farrago: This racist Reddit user actually thought an Indian girl was cheating at scrabble because she wrote 'ostensibly'

"She speaks to me in English and it's good grammatically although heavily accented. But I'm suspicious she knew so many big words that even I don't use that often," the original poster had written. "I know these words right down to their etymology. I'm just surprised she claimed to know them," he assured.

And while Priya might not have defended herself, Reddit users went above and beyond to pick up the slack, lambasting him for being both "racist" and a "sore loser". "English is an official language in India. You're definitely racist and you disrespected your gf's best friend just because you're a sore loser. Your gf is right to reconsider her relationship with you," read one comment.

"I bet OP (original poster) thinks that Indians talk Indian," commented another.

And lo and behold, he did.

When another user rather helpfully dug out one of the original poster's comments, it turned out that he did indeed think the language of India was 'Indian'.

"Would someone from India not think I was cheating if we were playing scrabble in Indian, and I was doing better than them?" he had asked.

What the farrago: This racist Reddit user actually thought an Indian girl was cheating at scrabble because she wrote 'ostensibly'
What the farrago: This racist Reddit user actually thought an Indian girl was cheating at scrabble because she wrote 'ostensibly'

The poster however appeared to remain baffled about why people were calling him racist, even as he acknowledged that it was perhaps wrong to accuse her of cheating without evidence. "Official language does not mean widely spoken/or that people speak it correctly/the way it should be," he noted.

Others were further incensed by the fact that the words used by Priya, while impressive, were not unique and complicated. "I figured when he said "she's in science, also relevant" that she would have been using Latin or something...but no, she's just using words that were above his pay-grade and it made him mad," commented one user.

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