'We have an extra passenger...': IndiGo Delhi-Bengaluru flight's pilot shares 'surreal experience' of welcoming baby on board

A woman delivered a baby boy inside IndiGo's Delhi-Bengaluru flight on Wednesday.

Confirming the same, the airline released an official statement, saying, "We confirm that a baby boy was delivered prematurely on flight 6E 122 from Delhi to Bangalore."

The baby was born enroute on the Delhi-Bengaluru 6E 122 flight.

While the picture of the baby with the crew members is widely shared on social media, with users praising IndiGo crew members, the pilot has also shared his version of the entire story.

Retired Wing Commander Mishra, who's now a pilot, shared his 'surreal experience of witnessing a miracle in the air' and said that he 'went through full range of emotions as the situation kept unfolding rapidly'.

After the lady on seat 1C, an expectant mother, complained about feeling a little restless and having stomach pain. She was comforted by giving fluids and something to eat, says the pilot.

After her condition worsened, he asked if there was a doctor on board and by 'sheer providence and divine destiny of this would be new born', there were two doctors on the same flight - a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon.

"We were near Jaipur, cruising at FL 390. She was initially diagnosed with Gastric pain or just constipation and the doctors felt that she would be fine. However her discomfort and restlessness kept getting worse. Both doctors were in constant attendance. I spoke to the lady doctor who assured me that she is watching her carefully," he narrates

Adding, "A little later North of Bhopal, came to know that she has started bleeding followed by the shattering news that she has suffered an abortion. Forward galley and the Lav were swiftly and efficiently converted into a makeshift ward/ labour room taking all precautions by an excellent team of cabin crew who rose to the requirements of the occasion."

As the pilot waited for an update from the doctors, 'mulling over the disheartening piece of news', he heard a faint cry of the new born baby and the entire team rejoiced as they welcomed the baby boy on board.

"From a feeling of deep sadness..it turned to a feeling of intense joy...never witnessed fortunes turning so swiftly and so miraculously!! Don't think there was a single soul on board who didn't have goose bumps on him or her at this moment," the pilot says.

In his address to the passengers on board, he reportedly announced "We have an extra passenger on board..."

After the flight landed in Bengaluru, the mother and the new born baby received a rousing reception and were welcomed with banners, chocolates and gifts.

The pilot concluded by saying, "Had a look at his face.. of course he was unaffected by all the commotion around him...by now he was an hour and a half old. As for me...I couldn't have asked for a happier Air Force Day eve!!"

Here's the video from the airport:

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