Watch Video: 'Boss lady' grandma bowls with swag, Twitter in love
Screengrab: Twitter/@sudkrish

With the Coronavirus pandemic that is clinging to us since more than a year, sadness has become a behavioural routine. With our Twitter timelines flooding with #COVIDEmergency and #COVIDSOS, we all need a little sunshine in our lives.

Using Twitter will make you smile if you watch this video that we have found.

Twitter user Sudarshan Krishnamurthy today shared a video that shows his old but energetic grandma bowling in an elegant yellow saree. She strikes all the pins in one go like a pro. Not only this, but also grandma is cautious about Covid-19 protocols; she wears her mask properly.

Krishnamurthy wrote on Twitter, "Hi Twitter, please appreciate my grandma bowling a strike in her saree, and then proceeding to ensure her mask covers her nose #QueenShit, if you ask me!"

Isn't the video just adorable? We absolutely loved it and so have many people on Twitter. The video already has a million views and around 115.8K likes.

Thousands are in awe of Krishnamurthy's grandma and have expressed their love in comments and quote tweets.

One Twitter user commented, "Damn! That’s so cool! Love her energy. Power to her!"

Another wrote, "I'm not gonna complain or whine lol I thought this video was super cute and made me miss my grandma. Please hug your grandma for me! Good job, grandma! GG to you! P.S I love her saree, very very pretty."

Here are a few reactions to grandma's wonderful video. Have a look.

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