Twitter can't keep calm after user asks Nutella if their products are halal
Twitter can't keep calm after user asks Nutella if their products are halal
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'Halal' is an Arabic word which means permissible. With reference to food, it is the dietary standard as defined in the Quran, the sacred scripture for Muslims. The opposite of 'halal' is 'haram' i.e, prohibited. In general, every food is considered halal in Islam unless it is prohibited in the holy book. Alcoholic drinks, pork etc. are some of the things which are considered haram to consume.

However, there are some food products which cannot be categorised as either halal or haram. Such food products are called 'mashbooh' which means doubtful. Reportedly, food containing gelatin, enzymes, emulsifiers, and flavours are mashbooh as the origin of these ingredients are not immediately known to the consumers. To avoid this confusion, many companies clearly mention whether their products are halal or haram.

Meanwhile, Twitter is in shock after their favourite 'Nutella' said they are 'not halal'.

On Sunday, a Twitter user asked Nutella USA, "Are your products halal?" Replying to the user, makers of the iconic hazelnut cocoa spread said, "No, they are not halal."

Twitter users weren't able to keep calm after the company's 'revelation'. A Twitter user wrote, "Yes they are. Paying a Rabbi/Imam/Priest to sign a piece of paper doesn’t make things halal or not halal. All of your ingredients are halal, your product couldn’t be “not halal” even if you wanted them to be.

"Nutella is suitable for vegetarians, however they can't officially declare it Halal Certified due to regulations and laws that prevents them more doing so. However, for future references for Fatwas please don't ask these companies opinions and refer to your local iman/scholar," wrote another Twitter user.

Here are a few reactions:

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