'Sasta Suez canal blockade': Container truck stuck under bridge in Mumbai's King's Circle area causes heavy traffic; Twitter outraged

On Thursday, as rain continued to lash the beleaguered city of Mumbai, a fresh crisis cropped up. Roads in the MMR region may have been afflicted by waterlogging and the occasion landslide, but this was not enough. A container truck found itself stuck under King's Circle railway bridge, bringing traffic to a screeching halt at peak hours in the city.

"Who designed such bridge either you allow vehicle to pass or mention the limit it has. This happened twice at Mankhurd bridge and finally it was taken down," read one outraged tweet.

"Near my place. Every time early morning this happens. Shamelessly they try to squeeze big containers from under the King's Circle bridge and get caught," lamented another.

"Not the first time a container truck has got stuck at King’s Circle, why don’t they ask containers to use alternative routes…. har 2-3 saal me ye news repeat hoti hai," said a third.

But as many pointed out that this was not a one-time issue, others drew international parallels. "Why should Evergiven have all the fun?" joked one Twitter user referencing the infamous Suez Canal incident from earlier this year.

For the uninitiated, the MV Ever Given, a 400m-long and 59m-wide container ship had single-handedly brought one of the most important waterways in the Mediterranean region to its knees earlier this year. In March, the massive cargo ship managed to wedge itself sideways into a narrow part of the Canal, remaining stuck for nearly a week and causing billions of dollars worth of loss on a daily basis.

Much like the visuals from the Suez Canal, photos from Mumbai also showed vehicles waiting in a massive queue behind the blocked vessel. "Looks like sasta Suez canal blockade," remarked another Twitter user.

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