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Photo: Pexels

Over the years, movies and books have told us time and again that great power comes hand in hand with great responsibility. But what if you were a preschooler with power over the entire world? A now viral Twitter thread by a school teacher give us a better idea of this question that we didn't know we should have been asking all along.

"What would you do as president of the world?" asked Twitter user George Pointon recently. In a lengthy thread he told others on the microblogging platform about what his first graders had to say, with a hilarious running commentary on the same. And while some wanted to use their powers for good, others were rather enthusiastic about the idea of imprisoning siblings in dungeons. Others still bore the true hallmarks of unsavory politicians, opting for self-serving whims or choosing only to help a favoured few.

The thread begins with Alice who wishes to use her immense power to serve people sweets for breakfast on a daily basis. "Obesity rates are through the roof. Heart disease. Over eating. Alice is taking none of this into consideration. The class cheered so she's won the majority. She knows what works, and who knows, wine gums at 7am might be nice," remarked Pointon.

Similar culinary choices were made by Ravi who wanted to "give everyone a pizza" and Toby who wanted to "drink and eat chocolate" in its various forms. "I did ask him about people who don't like pizza but he replied: 'Everyone will want my pizza'. His confidence shine through once again. I genuinely believe he WILL feed the world," their teacher tweeted.

Toby also factored in the health concerns that might plague pizza and sweets, contending that he would consume a "healthy chocolate" that would ensure that he did not get fat. "He doesn't realise he'd make a fortune selling healthy chocolate," Pointon observed wryly.

Some of the children were a little more altruistic than others. While one wanted to share her skill with spellings, another wanted to get a PlayStation 5. Others still chose to achieve what we can only assume a personal dream - with Jack stating that the President of the world would reside in the Big Ben (the famed clock tower in London).

Perhaps the most age-appropriate response came from Rosie, who wished to "put maths in the bin" and encourage playtime. "Vote for Rosie. My frontrunner! I hate maths. Chuck it in the bin. She said: 'The robots can do it while we play'. I'm actually all for this dystopian wonderland. She's really saying, we live to work not the opposite. Time for change," cheered Pointon.

Another age-appropriate but far more disturbing idea came from Susanna who wished to put her brother "in a big dungeon". Pointon clarified that the dungeon she envisioned did not seem as horrifying as one would expect. "I'm surprised she's using her power for evil but I suppose power does that. However when I asked about the dungeon. It sounded more like a studio flat in London. All at the taxpayers expense may I add," he added.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic raging, perhaps the most topical response came from Wendy and Ben, who declared that they would work together to "stop the virus".

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