Out-of-this-world vacations? First ever space hotel slated to become operational in 2027

The 2020s are certainly the decade of space exploration. Even as three billionaire businessmen prep for their $55 million trip to the International Space Station at the beginning of 2022, fellow billionaire Jared Isaacman has booked an entire SpaceX flight, and plans to take three other people on a trip around the globe to raise money for for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is certain that humans can be sent to Mars by 2026, and Biden administration in the US appears to be hoping to land additional people on the moon in the coming years.

Against this backdrop, it is not much of stretch to assume that space tourism will soon be a real phenomenon. And for those looking for an out-of-this-world experience, the planning can commence from today. According to reports, a company named Orbital Assembly Corporation is working to make the first ever space hotel functional from 2027.

As per a Daily Mail report, work is slated to start in 2025 for the low earth orbit hotel that will have rooms for 400 people. Shaped like a gigantic ferris wheel, the Voyager Station will rotate to generate artificial gravity similar to that on the moon and circle the planet every 90 minutes. Guests will not be lacking in amenities, as the hotel is expected to house themed restaurants, a cinema, spa and more.

While there are no details yet about the tariff, reports suggest that people will also be able to buy a small module in the structure to have their own private space villa.

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