Memes from Mars: NASA's Perseverance landed on the Red Planet and fuelled a galactic meme fest

Today, on February 19th, NASA's 'Perseverance rover' made history as it landed successfully on the planet Mars, and settled into a deep crater near Mars equator, called 'Jezero'. It has sent pictures of its first glimpse of the area today and the world is cheering it on!

As per a press note released by NASA, the 45 kilometers wide Jezero Crater is situated on the western edge of Isidis Planitia. In basic terms, it is a giant impact basin to the north of the said equator. Scientists have determined that 3.5 billion years ago the crater had its own river delta and was filled with water.

The Perseverance rover has been sent to Mars to investigate the rock and sediment of Jezero’s ancient lake-bed and river delta. It is supposed to look for any signs of ancient microbial life on the planet. However, the robotic geologist and astrobiologist will first undergo several weeks of testing before initiating its two-year scientific investigation.

As soon as it Perseverance rover landed on Mars, the official handle of the robot tweeted with a pun, "I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere." In another tweet, it shared photos of its "first look at my forever home". These tweets sent a rush of excitement in people across the globe. Millions of people are celebrating NASA's achievement today.

The tweets by Perseverance rover has attracted a lot of reactions and memes, duh! If the news is generating smiles, the memes and tweets are widening the smiles.

Here are some of the funniest reactions and memes. Feel free to laugh out loud!

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