Photos: Joshua Potash/Twitter
Photos: Joshua Potash/Twitter

Over the years, philosophers (and musicians) have reiterated time and again that life goes on, no matter what. "The Show Must Go On," sang British rock band Queen in 1991. But as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on across the globe, one school in the US might have taken this far too literally.

Over the last few days, photos of band practice at a high school in Washington have gone viral. And while we still have no idea about their musical prowess, their dedication is certainly commendable. Crammed into small individual tents, the students peer out of translucent windows while holding their instruments. According to reports, the students unzip and enter their personal tents with their masks, instruments and all other musical paraphernalia before practice can commence.

The photos were taken by Don Seabrook of The Wenatchee World and the publication shared an article detailing the school's restoration of in-person learning and the new normal amid the pandemic.

Now, these are not large spaces. And we feel compelled to note that all musical instruments are not of the same size. A quick perusal of the social media chatter reveals an outpouring of sympathy for the student crammed into a small tent with his towering tuba. "How passionate about the trumpet do you have to be to agree to this?" marvelled one Twitter user.

"But what do they do with the trombonist?" another user wanted to know.

For many it was the overall look of human beings enclosed within green structures that did it. "They’re literally pickles," said one user, even as another compared them to avocadoes.

"I just have so many thoughts swirling. Top thought, the ingenuity. Next thought, what I would give to see them sway side to side all together," remarked a Twitter user.

"Let me just say, high school band is not worth this," concluded another.

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