'It's a match': Netizens cheer as Twitter user finds plasma donor on Tinder amid COVID-19 pandemic

From finding a plasma donor when you swipe right on Tinder to seeing your 'match' in line for a vaccine - COVID-19 has thrown up some unusual challenges. But even as India battles a deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some lighter moments to be found.

"What are signs that someone likes you?" asked the Tinder India Twitter handle recently. And keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, one user had a rather unconventional response: "They are ready to put plasma donation call on their dating app bio."

Now, were not sure about romantic intentions, but we are happy to report that plasma donation via Tinder is now a very real possibility. A Twitter user went viral on Tuesday after sharing a post much along the same lines. "We found a plasma match for our friend through Tinder. Dating app 1, govt 0," crowed Sohini Chattopadhyay in a tweet.

In follow up comments she explained that the friend in question was now doing well. "A friend put the requirements on her bio and we found a COVID-19 recovered dude," she explained.

Needless to say, the incident has now gone viral, with many seeing this as a well deserved reprieve from the grim news headlines and social media posts of recent days. And for reasons that may seem unfathomable to most, Chattopadhyay also found herself getting trolled and having to remind people that this was intended to be a light hearted post.

"Folks (you know who you are): this is a FUN tweet about something nice that happened in weird times. You don’t have to troll me on DM," she reminded.

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