Photo: The Bake King/Facebook
Photo: The Bake King/Facebook

Have you ever wanted your food to be both lifelike and delicious? Or perhaps you have some cannibalistic thoughts occasionally running through your mind. Well, how about trying a cake that looks like a living breathing human being - at least until you take a few bites.

Photos of a lifelike full sized adult human being have recently gone viral. The individual, sparsely clad in what appears to be a blanket and an open shirt is reclining on a bed, with a cheerful grin on his face. He looks real, until the next few pictures show him being sliced up with knives and eaten.

Now, we're not certain why anyone would wish to create or eat it, but there do seem to be individuals enthusiastically eating his cake-legs in the photos themselves. Of course if eating portions of what looks almost completely like a human being appears to be an enjoyable pastime, there might be other issues to contend with. But one cannot deny that it is certainly a fascinating work of art.

Over the last few days, the pictures have gone viral, garnering thousands of likes and shares. "This is a cake" reads the caption from the account that shared pictures of the massive food item.

While the cake has gone viral recently, it appears to have been created several months ago. According to a post on Facebook from September 2020, the extraordinary cake was created by British baker Ben Cullen. On his page, 'The Bake King' says that he loved working on the piece for Slowthai's music video.

"When you need someone turning into Cake who you gonna call!? Hahaha I proper loved working on this project for slowthai ‘s latest music video! ‘Feel Away’ ; If you haven’t seen the video go check it out!! He’s all vanilla Cake with chocolate ganache!!" the caption reads.

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