Eagle-eyed netizen spots X-rated scene in Shrek...and we'll never be able to look at Lord Farquaad the same again

Creators of animated movies have a disturbing penchant for sprinkling adult-oriented Easter eggs through the story and visuals. While Toy Story takes inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 famed horror movie The Shining, Zootopia pays homage to meth-cooking characters from Breaking Bad. And in the case of Shrek, the hidden nuggets seem to be the work of a somewhat R-rated, dark mind.

As the film series featuring everyone's favourite ogre turns 20, the focus is squarely on Lord Farquaad. And if you think we did not come out of the film smelling like a bed of roses (he did end the movie in the belly of a dragon), well the character has not aged well either. A TikTok user recently scarred many after pointing out the good prince had a rather visceral reaction (we'll get back to this in a bit) to seeing his chosen bride Princess Fiona in the magic mirror.

For those unversed with the seemingly child-friendly plotline, Farquaad, a prince of the realm of Duloc seeks to become a king - something that can only be achieved by marrying a prince. His rather chivalrous method of obtaining his bride involves sending others to rescue the princess from highest room in the tallest tower of a castle guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. "Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am willing to make," he assured mournfully.

And while this makes for an exciting children's movie, a scene in Farquaad's bedroom is distinctly X-rated. Relaxing in bed with a martini in hand, the prince asks his disapproving magic mirror to summon up an image of Princess Fiona, proving a far too...excited reaction. And just in case the more innocent among us missed the sudden rise of his blankets, the Prince casts an embarrassed look downward before looking away.

Many contend that this is not the only instance of phallic humour in the 2001 Shrek movie. Seeing Lord Farquaad's massive castle for the first time, Shrek ponders aloud whether the former is "compensating for something". And while donkey (and hopefully our younger selves) might have been bemused by this remark, it takes on a slightly different tone in hindsight.

Moving on from the bawdy to the macabre, allow us to leave you with a slightly sadder nugget that you might have missed. While the movie began with the three bears (the same creatures whose home Goldilocks invaded) imprisoned, it ended with papa bear and baby bear huddling together before a fire. And while mama bear was conspicuously absent, the aforementioned bedroom scene featuring Lord Farquaad had a bear rug on the floor. A bear rug whose head featured a pink bow.

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