Amazon employees urinating in bottles: What is this controversy about?
Amazon employees urinating in bottles: What is this controversy about?
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There are reports alleging that the working conditions of United States employees of retail giant Amazon are extremely poor. The employees mostly delivery agents who find it difficult to take breaks during work hours have been defecating and urinating in bags and bottles respectively. These allegations of poor working condition and sanitation has been on for sometime now.

But now a recent set of documents posted by American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter alleged that the company was aware of the poor conditions and they did not do much about it.

The documents surface at the time when there are reports stating Senator Bernie Sanders will travel to Alabama on Monday to meet with Amazon workers attempting to unionise.

According to the document, "This is the 3rd occasion in the last 2 months when bags have been returned to station with poop inside. We understand that DAs may have emergencies while on-road, and especially during Covid, DAs have struggled to find bathrooms while delivering." That does not mean they return a bag with feces.

The email further stated that it has been noticed that there is an uptick recently of all kinds of unsanitary garbage being left inside bags: used masks, gloves, bottles of urine. “By scanning the QR code on the bag, we can easily identify the DA (delivery agent) who was in possession of the bag last,” the company revealed.

The letter went on to warn, “These behaviours are unacceptable and will result in Tier 1 Infractions going forward.”

Meanwhile, another American politician Mark Pocan stated paying workers USD 15 per hour doesn't make you a progressive workplace.

Since the controversy broke out, the company has not been much vocal about the issue unless recently, after Pocan tweeted. On the micro-blogging site, the company responded if peeing in bottles was true then nobody will work with them. “The truth is that we have over a million incredible employees around the world who are proud of what they do and have great wages and health care from day one.”

This tweet was followed by a series of the counter by other Twitter users.

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