A problem most foul: Tel Aviv seeks to make dog owners hand over DNA samples to track down unclaimed poo

Civic authorities in Tel Aviv are facing a rather foul conundrum. Reports indicate that council officials have found themselves removing over half a ton of dog feces from the streets every month. And now, they have had enough.

Waste from pets running amok on the streets has prompted authorities to come up with a rule that requires dog owners to submit a DNA sample of their furry companion on record with the city council. The Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council has reportedly approved an amendment to the Municipal bylaw that makes registration compulsory. The law is now waiting for a nod from the Interior Ministry.

The move is intended to ensure that future pileups of waste can be tagged easily and corresponding pet owners fined. But while the aim is to dial down the mess, keep in mind that it will soon be someone's job to collect samples from dog feces that have been left uncollected on the streets.

Once collected, the DNA will be traced back to the pet in question. A fine will then be mailed to the owner. According to a report by Jerusalem Post, they will also be charged for the sampling and testing expenses.

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