To avoid good energy from flowing out of the house, it becomes important to keep certain things in mind. Dr Harshit Kapadia gives some simple tips and tricks regarding bathrooms and toilets in our homes

Bathrooms and toilets are one of the most important aspects of our homes and offices. An incorrect position of or a wrongly constructed bathroom or toilet can cause a lot of problems for the occupants. Hence, it becomes important to keep certain things in mind when it comes to bathrooms and toilets. In addition to the direction of the toilet on the premises, its shape, size, colours and materials used are very importance in Vastu and Feng Shui.

Colour splash

Every colour relates to one of the five elements of nature. As per the theory of five elements, blue and black represent water element, which in turn represents movement. Since bathroom’s default element is water, it is important to avoid using colours that represent water element as they will add to excessive water energy inside bathrooms or toilets. While constructing or refurbishing a bathroom avoid using blue and black colour tiles on the walls and floor. If the theme of design for the toilet is black or blue colour, use these colours on the wall where the shower is fixed or on the wall behind the pot with a mix of other complementing element colours to balance. Avoid using red in bathroom, especially near the pot (if the toilet is in the bathroom) and shower area.

Bathroom in bedroom

Irrespective of direction, according to the principles of Vastu and Feng Shui, bathroom or toilets are not supposed to be in the bedroom. However, for practical purposes, most houses these days have bathrooms inside the bedroom. Bathroom door should not be on the opposite side of the bed. By having the door right opposite the bed, good energy escapes from the bedroom, which impacts occupant’s health. Use wooden door for bathroom, which should be kept closed at all times.

Keeping home energised: Simple tips for bathrooms and toilets

Avoid placing the bed near the bathroom wall. When headboard of the bed shares toilet or bathroom wall, occupants generally tend to lack mental stability, may suffer from anxiety or face problems in their career. In cases where it is difficult to move the bed, use a thick and high headboard for the bed and keep a little distance between the bed and the wall.

Also, avoid using glass walls for and windows in the bathroom. Glass makes it easier for the energy to lead through the bedroom and causes sleep problems in the occupants.

Flooring it right

For ease of draining water, bathrooms can be slightly lower than the finished floor level of the premises. In cases where toilet and bathroom are one, floor level of the bathroom and the pot area shouldn’t be higher. In most houses the level of the bathroom is higher; this disturbs the aesthetics of the room as well as the energy flow.

Position matters

Energy enters in the premises through the front/main door. Thus, it is important to avoid having a toilet opposite or adjacent to the front door. In such cases, energy entering from the front door gets drained out from the toilet. To minimise the outflow of energy, masking the toilet is essential which can be done with the help of a Vastu or a Feng Shui expert. Practical remedy for such cases is to maintain a planter inside the bathroom.

Avoid constructing bathroom above the main entrance, bedroom and kitchen (below the kitchen as well). Before buying a new house or property, check for the floor above and below yours. This is unsafe from waterproofing point of view and also interrupts the energy. Drainage pipes should not pass under and above the bedroom or kitchen.

Avoid bathrooms/toilets in the following areas:

  • Inside the kitchen.
  • Behind / opposite or adjoining or above the Temple.
  • Behind cash counter and reception.
  • Behind the boss’s cabin and opposite the desk.

Handy tips:

  • If the bathroom comprise of the toilet as well, have a separate wood or frosted glass door for the pot area and a glass door for shower cubical.
  • Avoid overflowing drains.
  • In case if you have jacuzzi in your bathroom, it should be in working condition.
  • Avoid rusted taps and pipes.
  • Bathroom should be well lit and with a proper exhaust system.
  • Bathroom should always be kept neat and clean.
  • Keep bathroom dry when not in use.
  • Rectify leaking or chocked showers in bathrooms.
  • Bathroom and toilet doors should be smaller than the front/main entrance door.

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