A strange notion prevails amongst m

ost people that spirituality and daily life relationships are incompatible but this is not true. The pith of the matter has been expressed by Krishna when he said: ” One untainted by egoism and unentangled, remains unaffected by acts done while discharging ones duty.” Krishna was involved and yet detached in several relationships, for example: as the biological son Devki, the adopted son of Yashoda, the naughty teenager who teased the Gopis by breaking their water- pots and hiding their clothes as they swam, as the teacher of Arjuna, the best friend of Sudama and the giver of salvation to all his devotees.

When Arjuna cries out for guidance on the battlefield in anguish, Krishna appears not just as the God- man but representing the spiritual- teacher or the Divinity within who can illuminate us. In the Geeta this segment is used to give lengthy instructions on spiritual techniques. At the end of the dialogue, Arjun says: ” My doubts are dispelled and my illusions are destroyed.” Similarly, the difficulties one meets in day to day life can be met and overcome after we wake up to Krishna- consciousness, when we gain the ability to negotiate all circumstances of life correctly and with spirituality.

We canalt39t run away from life and its ups and downs. We are all brought to the battlefield and told to fight righteously.

In Krishna consciousness, theres no room for depression, self- pity or grief.

In fact, even on death, one should not grieve because Krishna says: ” Never did I exist, nor thou or any of us. Just as in this body, the self passes from childhood to youth to old age, so does the self pass into another body.” Here, self is the soul, which is indestructible.

The Geeta says ” just as man casts off his old clothes to put on new ones, so also the self casts off old bodies to enter new ones”. Troubles come, but they also go. If they donalt39t go during our lifetime, they will go at death. So mend them if you can, but endure them bravely if you must. Krishna delineates the ultimate truth that this material world is an illusion and all maya, which still seems so real to us. The only indestructible essence is the soul or atma, which pervades the whole universe.

When you live in Krishna- consciousness, you are no longer deluded by life. You can plunge into the midst of activity in a vegetable- market or the stock- exchange or your kitchen and yet be inwardly detached from the results of your actions.

Every time ( Yada- Yada) humanity sinks down to the last depth of spiritual ignorance and decay, there is always the birth of an evolved soul on a mission of spiritual service. Today, we are going through such a period ( Kal- yug) since a lot of humanity is plunged in greed, hatred, envy, lust and destruction. It was the same gloomy epoch when on an auspicious Janmashtami night, the Lord savior Krishna was born.

One may be the greatest sinner in the world and yet, one can transcend all the sins and attain liberation ( Moksha) and spiritual happiness ( Sat- chit- Anand) by waking up to Krishna- consciousness which is the birthright of the King as well as the beggar. We are not alone because God always sends companions for our stumbling feet and groping minds. So wake up to Krishna- Consciousness.

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