Ujjain: Youths and particularly unemployed youths are on the target of most of the political parties during current elections. They are talking about the welfare and future of youth is it just to take political mileage or on the contrary, is the situation is quite averse at the ground zero. FREE PRESS team visited the employment office to assess the job situation. Excerpts

“I have completed my XII th recently and I am willing to work as I want to carry my study together with work. I am from a lower middle class family and I am looking for a job. I have many certificates like tally, basketball championship, diploma in CS etc. I have applied in small firm for GST tally, but was unsuccessful. I do not want to name the company but I applied on April 1 and they had accepted my request on April 24. Further I got selected in the interview, but still I did not get my appointment letter. They are taking me for granted and I continue to remain an unemployed youth.”


“Unemployment in our country is running from a long time. There are lots of youths who remain unemployed after spending thousands of rupees on getting degree and I am one among them. I had completed engineering from a prestigious institution. After completing my degree I got job as an assistant engineer. I work from 8 am to 10 pm. After working this long time at the end of the month I get only Rs 8000. Is this justified? I quit my job two days ago and now I am looking for a new one which actually respects my skills and talent and pay me accordingly.”


“I am a villager and farmer too. Many of the villagers like us suffer from seasonal unemployment. There is one misconception that government provides many facilities to farmers which is absolutely wrong. Despite being a farmer I look for a job at factories or grain market but they refuse to engage me. I had done my degree in organic science which is well related to farming. I think the problem of unemployment starts when our country moves from agricultural to service sector.”


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