Ujjain: Young entrepreneurs carve  success through fly-ash bricks

Ujjain: Youth has immense capacity of catching the pulse of the time along with courage and conviction to realise their dreams. City’s three young entrepreneurs have become beacon of hope for thousands of youngsters. A few years ago, Sushil Vadiya, Nitin Bijapari and Vivek Baghela engineering pass outs from Ujjain Engineering College, decided to launch their own start-up.

At that time, starting a start-up was considered a Herculean task with minimum possibility of success. These three engineers began producing fly-ash bricks and blocks by using waste material. The technique is a departure from construction of traditional mud bricks. These bricks are technically more reliable and have longer durability than mud bricks.

They somehow managed to get the initial fund of Rs 20-30 lakh. Through hard work and technical know-how, the trio turned their dream into reality. Today their fly-ash bricks and blocks are widely used in construction works. The fly-ash bricks and blocks construction project is creating jobs for hundreds of commoners and is also environment-friendly as it uses waste material to produce products, they said.

Free Press Journal