Ujjain: ‘There used to be water at every step but now everywhere canned water’

Ujjain: In a country where there used to be water at every step, now sells canned water, said Sadhvi Shiva Didi in a symbosium organised as part of Holi milan programme by the Swarnim Bharat Manch on the eve  of World Water Day.  Sadhvi Shiva Didi and Swami Jitendranand Saraswati addressed the gathering. The president of Ram Rajya Sena of Karnatak Sita Ram Bhai and Sameer Bhai Patel were present on the occasion.

Appealing to the public to save the natural water resources, Sadhvi Shiva Didi said that there was a time when there was surplus of water in the country but now canned water is being sold everywhere. This is a matter of great concern. If we can’t produce water, then we can at least conserve it. For this we should take stock of our natural water resources. “Water is life is just not a slogan but a warning for our future too,” she emphasised.

In his address Swami Jitendranand Saraswati said that people are asking the count of the dead bodies of terrorists. This is like distrusting the valour of our armed forces. We should respect the sacrifices made by our armed forces. He said that there is a village, Bittur, 40 km away from Mumbai where people travel for 10 km in search of water. He also expressed his disappointment that governments in our country are still formed and voted out of power on issues like road, water and electricity.

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