Holika was set afire on Wednesday across the city. The first Holika was lit at Mahakaleshwar temple premises by priests amid rituals. Priest Ashish Guru said summer would start from ‘Chaitra Pratipada’ according to Hindu calendar. On Wednesday evening, Holika of 200 dung cakes was lit in temple premises and later people smeared colour and gulal on each other.

Holikas were lit at around 200 places across the city. With 5000 dung cakes holika was lit at Singpuri while at places like Bahadurganj, Sakhipura, Indoregate, Doulatganj, Gopalmandir, Freeganj Holika was lit with enthusiasm. Meanwhile Holi began at many places across the city ahead of Dhulendi.

Tirth purohits play colours

Ujjain: Holika set on fire first at Mahakaleshwar temple

After Holi celebration at Mahakakeshwar temple, priests played with colours at Ramghat and Siddhanath ghat with fervour.
Holi was also played with colours at Chimanganj Mandi Premises by Mandi committee members, famers and grain merchants with enthusiasm ahead of Dhulendi.

Flag march taken out

Ujjain: Holika set on fire first at Mahakaleshwar temple

Police took out flag march to warn anti-social elements and persons indulging in unlawful activities on Wednesday evening. SP Sachin Atulakar, ASPs and CSPs, TIs of all police stations took part in the march that began from Bharat Mata Mandir. It passed through Kot Mohalla, Topkhana, Doulatganj, Malipura, Dewasgate and other main areas of the city. The police officials said any person who creates ruckus during festival would be immediately arrested. The police beefed up security in sensitive areas and toll plazas.