Having been hit hard by the lockdown entrepreneurs and employees are now looking up to the government. While unit owners are affected by steep prices of raw material at the same time private sector workers are facing the problem of salary deduction.

Free Press talked to the businessmen as well the employees to know as to how they are bracing for the time ahead. Business owners expressed helplessness pertaining to lack of cash flow in the market and non availability of goods on credit. While employees told Free Press that they are dazed with the slash in their salaries and uncertainty of their jobs itseld.

“Private sector needs the financial oxygen right now because for last two and half months most of the businesses have run into total loss. If government does not come up with any strong policy to revive the private sector, now, many industrialists and businessmen may have to wind up their business for good.”–Pramod Jain, paper plate manufacturer

“This is the time when there is strong need of strategies which support the private sector employees and businessmen. Government must implement business friendly policies so that employees and employers of private sector could get the benefit.”–Gaurav Nagar, businessman

“Industrialists are compelled to terminate their employees because they themselves are not able to earn these days. Old dues are still pending, and there is no cash flow in the market. Private sector is facing the worst situation ever.”–Vivek Kothari, industrialist

“Many of the employees of private sector have been terminated in last some days and at this time this is very difficult to get a new job. Financial help must be provided by government to help such families survive the crisis.”–Mahima Tharpal, private employee

“Many of the employees who used get salary in the range of Rs 5000-10000 per month are suffering a lot. They don’t have savings left in their account and are yet to resume work. They are desperately waiting to rejoin their work but are yet to receive any communication from their workplace in this regard.”–Mohseen Ali, photo and video shooter

“COVID-19 has hit private sector hard and is left reeling under the challenges which are mounting by the day. This is the worst ever crisis faced by the private sector as the whole chain of business is disturbed. It is high time that government should intervene and implement policies to revive it.”–Neelima Chauhan, student

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