From God to man, from universe to atom, from a star to a ray of light and from the sun to the

vital heat within a match- stick, this world of different forms is an immense chain whose links are all connected. Everything is inter- blended and in harmony except human beings. In nature, there is no alt39 mealt39 and alt39 youalt39 because everything is for everyone, for example, one canalt39t say this is my sunlight and thats yours or this is my air, you can breathe yours – nature is one united whole! The scientist thinks he knows everything. The astronaut is proud because he has already travelled in space. Yet, man is so ignorant of the millions or zillions of miles called space beyond our solar system, which is only a in the cosmic ocean! Space is all round us, with us, near us and within us. But what is space? No human mind can conceive space since that is impossible. The eye can see it but not cognise it. The mind can cognise but not grasps it. The heart can grasp it but cannot describe it. Space is ever existing – a sort of boundless background in which entire universes rise and fall. It is the indestructible alt39 ever- presentalt39 in which alt39 birthsalt39 and alt39 deathsalt39 occur.

Space is invaded by forms of life having cells, atoms, sub- atoms and molecules and yet the human mind cannot calculate or evaluate it with the most powerful telescope or microscope! The mystic, the thinker, the philosopher and the occultist can possibly experience space beyond sense perception.

The whole of nature is a memorial tablet since every form of matter is a form of life containing within and on its surface, its own life story. It can be a blade of grass or an emerald. Those who study only appearances with the aid of senses are men of science and those who reflect on the processes with the aid of the mind are thinkers and philosophers. But those who in all reverence and humility allow nature to radiate its light, life and love within their whole being are mystics.

Sense- knowledge, mind- knowledge and soulknowledge are three different types of knowledge but definitely not knowledge about three different things, for example, to your senses, the earth is stationary and the sun continuously in motion! But to your mind, the earth is going round the sun! And to your soul, theres a continuous exchange of rhythmic and purposive energies between these two composite parts of the universe! Every human being must try to go beyond sense- knowledge and mind- knowledge and try to see things with his soul. Our soul- knowledge comes from within ( Atma- Gyan), for example, what the astronomer knows is not necessarily contained in comets or stars but within his soul.

Our true vision is within ourselves but there are limitations due to mental- conditioning, for example, we see one person as a friend and another as enemy whereas in reality, there are no friends and no enemies – just souls who interact with each other and through this interaction, teach us lessons of joy or sorrow.

To comprehend space, nature and divinity you donalt39t have to go anywhere. Theres nowhere to run except ” within” and this is the message in Meeras bhajan ( Ghunghat Ke Pat Khol, Tujhe Piya Milenge!)

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